Thursday, July 25, 2019


The following from Mike Hernandez to his paid and bought propagandist Montoya does not reflect Texas A & M's position.  Mike will be getting a memo he does not have authority to speak for Texas A & M.  This is Juliette Garcia all over again dragging UT into the Lincoln Park mess without their consent.  When contacted and sued UT put Juliette Garcia in her place and Texas A & M will put Mike Hernandez in his place.  The deal will be rewritten with the full support of TSC, the COB, BND, and TSTC that all will be equal partners.  The COB is leading the battle this is a matter of TSC and TSTC working with the BND to insure all educational assets are tapped for work force training at the BND.

From Mayor Trey Mendez:

"I am 100 % open with working with A&M on whatever initiatives they would like to work on .... .  In fact, there is another one we have been discussing for a while that would be great for Brownsville. "


" I also advised the port and TSC officials that it would be a mistake to not work with BOTH TSC and TSTC because they need them both and all hands on deck if we are going to solve the workforce gap in SoTex."

Texas A & M committed to Brownsville its help long before Mike Hernandez showed up.

The following by Montoya does not reflect Texas A & M's position.

"Now that the proposal has been tabled, it's unknown whether Hernandez will be willing to continue his efforts at the port. Some of his closest advisers say that Hernandez was deeply disappointed in the port's board caving in to the TSC complaints as well as those from Mayor Mendez.

"I doubt that he would reconsider," said one. "Brownsville lost UT and now it's losing A&M. They want to be in control all the time."

Later in the day, Hernandez said that: TAMUS through TEEX had offered the Port of Brownsville a workforce training partnership with Texas State Technical College to address the pressing workforce training needs but the local community college who we were willing to include in the partnership did not want TSTC, the top technical training provider in Texas, to be involved. Therefore, we feel it’s best to step away from the Port of Brownsville to consider other possible alternatives. We thank Chairman Reed for his vision and support."


Some 4 years ago or so  TSC rebuffed Mike Hernandez's strong arming and he retaliated by donating a large sum of money to TSTC.  The MOU is what it is because Mike is obsessed with settling scores.  All he managed to do was humiliate himself with the Texas A & M Board of Trustees.  They know the facts and will do the right thing notwithstanding the fact Mike Hernandez is a vindictive prick.

Mike is determined to destroy TSC to settle his score.  Now he will deal with his stunt before his fellow Texas A & M Board Members. Another dumb ass crying like a baby when people do not give in to his strong arming.

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