Monday, July 1, 2019


I have held this story for some time because I did not know how my support of Trey Mendez, would cause him support if I printed the truth.


The last I checked 5 transgender women have been attacked in Dallas this year.  Only one survived the attack.  The attacks are unacceptable.  I do not care what they were doing, there is no justification for the attacks.

But the self anointed gay spectrum leadership in Dallas has always silenced any truths which make them look bad.  I will never forget when we founded the then most successful PFLAG in the US they opposed us claiming people would claim were were recruiting children.  Dallas PFLAG became a major voice for change and all of a sudden those who tried  to silence us, demanded in.

What the press is not reporting in Dallas is, some of these transgender women were killed in parks known for sexual encounters.  I do not judge them.  My issue is, we need to have an honest conversation as to what brings someone to the point of going to a dangerous park at night known for sexual encounters.  By ignoring the truth we are not helping the handful of transgender women who go to these parks.  We need to highlight how the bigotry leads to this behavior.

I remember so clearly how I was shot down when I raised a national study on gay youth suicide and it was time we addressed it.  The response was we do not talk about issues facing children.  For the self anointed leadership allowing children to commit suicide was easier than being accused of trying to recruit children.  The children needed a voice and  the all while male gay leadership in Dallas said no.


I know for a fact the Bishop did not report the names of all the priests at St. Joe's accused of molesting boys.  I will never reveal the names of the victims.  I have interviewed several.

I know for a fact by speaking with St. Joe students that had relations with fellow students who are now married and in one case associated lawyers continue to have relations with each other.  The wife's are clueless. 

The number of sitting judges and lawyers playing both sides whether St. Joe's graduates or not, are in relationships with men, even if just casual sex, while married with children.

In one case in the court house a married lawyer just feet from his wife grabbed my penis.  I did nothing because I  can defend myself and understood he suffered from the closet syndrome.  He actually invited me to his office to offer me work.  I met him and that ended it.  He needed to get help.


He was convicted of killing the former museum director Barry Horn.  Police reports show Barry Horn was stabbed 77 times.  No one stabs a person 77 times unless they are reacting to extreme anger.  It was not a simple robbery as alleged.  There is no professional who will disagree with me on this issue.

Ernesto claimed he was the victim of a sexual predator who also had other men rape him.  I remember speaking with the ADA Pete Gilman and his response was the problem was Ernesto was gay and could not accept it.  Well there is the bigotry at play.  But the idea Ernesto could not admit he was gay does not mean sexual predators are allowed to gang rape him, and that was the Pete Gilman's defense in essence.

There is no issue Ernesto had to go to jail.  Shortly after his incarceration he committed suicide.  This story will not die.  The BV will get to the truth of the matter.

Pete Gilman and defense counsel had a legal duty to do an internet footprint on Barry Horn to determine if he was an on line sexual predator.  Such a finding would not have saved Ernesto Martinez but it would have proven his claims and mitigated his sentencing.

Pete Gilman and defense counsel allowed the other sexual predators to walk.  Why were they protected?  The DA and defense counsel had a chance to take down the on line sexual predators and they did not.  They allowed them to walk.

I am working on this.  The truth will be known and those responsible for allowing these sexual predators to walk to victimize your children will pay.

I am working on finding a private investigator to look for the internet footprint of Barry Horn.  But it is going to take the FBI.  Unfortunately parents toss their children to the street when they admit they are part of the gay spectrum.  These are the children most susceptible to the online sexual predators.  Will the FBI help, I doubt it.  The FBI can shut down child porn overnight but do not because catching people and chalking up a conviction is more important than the children being victimized.

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