Tuesday, July 16, 2019


I am telling you in Dallas there is a war between blacks and Latinos which may cost the county Democrats to lose in 2020.  14 years ago was the last campaign season I worked on and that is when we sent the Republicans packing.  In 2018, it finally reached the point of displacing all of the Republicans on the Dallas Court of Appeals, which includes many surrounding counties.

This war is not new.  I saw it growing up with blacks and Latinos in NYC.  No one likes the power shifts and changes.  Blacks in Dallas where just below the whites in the democratic party and now many see themselves as being below the Latinos.  

The war is so intense several years ago the Latinos chose to vote out a Democratic black DA, who they saw as racist, in favor of a Republican.  The Latinos are now on the fence.  The Dallas leadership keeps on pushing black judges, one who was sued for racial discrimination against Latinos and Anglos, while dismissing the Latino lawyers who want to be judges.  They are going to run, but as Republicans since the Dallas Democratic leadership has refused to back them or help them in anyway so long as a black lawyer wants the job.

My point is, this problem of giving up power is not unique to Anglos.

Nancy Pelosi has made a mess of this.  Yes, Trump is a nightmare, but Nancy Pelosi is constantly fueling the fire against the 4 minority women who are new to the House.  Whether anyone likes it or not, they are the future.  Change comes and it cannot be stopped.  

This is the fundamental problem with governance at this time, and in so many ways it is not new.  You cannot come together as the Democratic Party if the House leader is going to lash out at views contrary to hers.  These 4 women need a place at the table.  You do not have to agree with them.  You just have to make sure the Democratic Party stands for a big tent, and under  Nancy Pelosi it does not.

These same battles happened when the Irish then the Italians came to New York.  They fought one another.  No one wanted power sharing.

This is really about Anglos unwilling to share power.  The unfortunate reality is we have a new type immigrant minority  - now new has happened before - demanding access to the power and the Anglo leadership is just not willing to share.

Also there is an age thing.  Before moving to Brownsville I walked away from most of my work in the gay spectrum battle because I saw a new generation wanting to move in a different direction.  I felt like they really knew nothing about the past.  Trust me we had the same battles in the 70's 80's and 90's with the male Anglo demanding to be the only voice, and women and minorities having to protest in front of the Dallas Gay Alliance to have a voice.  

But on age I saw it as their turn.  I did my part.  We were not going to agree, so I was willing to recognize it was their time, and us older fighters needed to step aside.  I would submit the older Democrats just need to walk away - this includes Biden, Pelosi, Sanders, Warren and a few others. 

New blood is never bad.

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