Monday, July 15, 2019


I will admit I saw no more than 10 minutes of the PODCAST.  Nurith was brilliant.  Barton and Castro did try and get into the mess at GBIC.  When they would ask a question about GBIC, Nurith would say she was deferring to Jessica since Nurith had been removed from GBIC, and Jessica was an active member.

Jessica every time said she was not part of that vote and did not know anything.  Barton has covered Jessica not attending the meetings.  The door was open to ask why she does not attend the meetings so that she can deny knowledge?  Also the door was opened to the question, "whether you were there or not did not did you review the packet?"  Nothing.  Jessica got away with her game, except for the fact Nurith exposed Jessica big time.  Nurith kept on smiling knowing full well what she was doing.  

Nuirth got on the table and Barton and Castro let it go, that Mario Lozoya's contract provides for a car allowance, but yet GBIC buys him a car he now drives around.  

I was initially upset that Nurith agreed to appear on the show.  But now that I see her objective was to expose Jessica, I have to say it was a brilliant move.

Great work for the people Nurith.

Oh, also in her pathetic defense of Mario Lozoya, Jessica claimed he brought Greyhound to Brownsville.  Nurith jumped in and made it clear Jessica was lying and that Greyhound was a done deal before Mario Lozoya.  Again Barton and Castro say nothing to Jessica for her outright lie.


Anonymous said...

Where can I hear the podcast?

BobbyWC said...

Well if you are not unconsitutionally blocked from Castro's page you have to scroll down at this point to see it. But Nurith was brilliant and Jessica was just too stupid to see what was happening.

She is classic Mike Hernandez. She basically admitted on all these deals they are going to investigate she made sure the votes were there and then did not show for cover. Jessica really did herself in. Nurith was estatic with her performance. I was so proud of her.

Castro and Barton did the community a favor having the two on, because Jessica exposed herself and it was not pretty.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bobby, I couldn't find the podcast on Castro's Facebook. Hopefully, someone could post a link to the video hint/hint.

Anonymous said...

Greyhound was BEDC
SpaceX was BEDC
KeppelAmfels $2MM grant for building LNG powered ships was by BEDC
SATA was by BEDC
Cardone was by BEDC
CK Technlogies was by BEDC
MVP Plastics was by BEDC
LNG was by Port of Brownsville

If GBIC can get something done, beside making a cool $3MM for one of their buddies, id be happy to add it to the list.

BobbyWC said...