Wednesday, July 24, 2019


As the BV reported Mike Hernandez's farewell address was all a ruse.  On a day the city was focused on the new city commission he paid Montoya to make it about him leaving.  One big lie.

Montoya is rolling in the money and dumb ass Hernandez thinks he is going to take down the new city commission and GBIC by paying Montoya to lie and post endless propaganda pieces.  Those paying  Montoya for ads are going to learn the new energy in this town is going to go against anyone associated with Montoya, Hernandez, and Marin.

The new city commission has not even had a full regular meeting and Montoya under Hernandez's payroll attacks the city for  the flooding.  Montoya's own man Alex Dominguez was instrumental in bringing the new money to Cameron county to help with the problem.  Why not ask Alex where all of that money went he got for flooding?  Yea right.

The reality is it takes money, planning, bids, environmental permits etc.  Montoya knows all of this and knows the county and city are putting together a plan.  So why make it appear the new city commission is failing already?  Hernandez is paying to print this nonsense knowing full well Montoya can then post troll comments or Hernandez himself to attack Trey Mendez.  It is like dealing with children who fail to understand we see the obvious.

Then this morning the steel mill never promised to the city of Brownsville any more than the still mill at the port.  On that note, the last published word on the steel mill at the port is dated June 19, 2019. "Arkansas-based Big River Steel is also doing its due diligence with Brownsville to possibly build a $1.6 billion steel mill that would be capable of producing 1.6 million tons of steel annually. The plan would be to export the steel to Mexico and to supply U.S. auto manufacturing facilities, port officials said."


With the port closer to making the ship channel deeper, Big River is getting closer to making a final decision.

Why is none of this in Montoya's report?  It does not fit the propaganda narrative being pushed by Hernandez and Marin.

Do you really believe when Marin sold that land he did not sell it on a promise he and Hernandez controlled the city and GBIC and the new buyers would make a nice profit on this non-existent steel plant?


Still reeling over being played on the other story first prints a story claiming the mayor can make a name for himself if he  controls the growth of dollar stores.  One, if the SAP had an ounce of awareness on the issue he would know the dollar stores are trying to move into high dollar neighborhoods because they see a market for people wanting in and out of  the store fast.

But the laughable part is he challenges Mayor Mendez to control the Dollar store expansion because SNAP recipients are using Dollar stores to buy junk food.  And that would be because Walmart and HEB do not sell junk food?  The only junk was the SAPS opinion piece.

And even on the proposed new SNAP eligibility requirements the SAP gets it wrong.  The following is completely false. "The U.S. Department of Agriculture is saying the cost-cutting move will limit access to food stamps for households with savings and other assets. In Brownsville, that may not be very many of the benefits recipients."

First no real wordsmith in the English language would have written the sentence because depending how you read it, it has opposite meanings.  But the second sentence makes clear what the SAP wants you to believe.  This is why treaties are not written in English.  English is a bastard imprecise language.  Treaties will be translated into English but most are in French or another more precise languages for enforcement purposes.

No my friends under the new rules people will not longer automatically qualified for SNAP because they receive TANF for example.  If they have assets they will not get food stamps.  It is the opposite of what the SAP says.


First he attacks Montoya for not contacting Mayor Mendez to get the full story and then he agrees with Montoya without explaining any of the long process fixing the flooding problem requires.

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