Friday, July 5, 2019


I got this mailer addressed to resident.  It did say it is a crime to not go online and answer the questions.  They were basic census questions.  They tell you it takes 15 minutes.  For a household of two it took an hour and a half.

I was not ready to give a specific number for how much it cost me for electricity, water, and sewage. I had to go to my BPUB account and open 12 bills and add each one up.

Depending on how you answer certain questions you will get more questions.  If you say no, that area ends.

For me it was about 60 questions.  For my roommate it was about 50 because he is not the owner of the home.

There is nothing left for the government to learn about either of us, so I hope I am done with the 2020 census.


Anonymous said...

Do you believe it is now the policy of the U.S. government to expect that each home owns a computer and has internet access? And that if they don't it is a criminal offense? And did you not hear that they just begin to print the census forms this month, the first of July I think?
Does it occur to you that you just sent all your information to a scammer somewhere?

BobbyWC said...

I verified it was a test program. In the if mailed they make no mention if you fail to answer the questions they will send you a paper one. Yesterday I got a notice that if I cannot answer the questions on the internet they will in time send me a paper one.

I researched the issue. My home was chosen as a test to see how many can be done by internet which in the end will save the government money. The first mail I find to have been deceptive because no where did they say if I did not answer it they would send me a paper questionaire. It was only in the reminder. But I check it out with the Department of Commerce first because I answered it, which is why it sat on my desk for several days.

Bobby WC