Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Texas AG Ken Paxton's indictment was on a road trip before it came down.  The point of this post is to show how groups or individuals can force indictments over the will of the DA.

"Although the securities board declined to refer Paxton’s case to prosecutors, the liberal watchdog group Texans for Public Justice last year filed a criminal complaint with the Public Integrity Unit in the Travis County district attorney’s office. The unit, however, referred the matter to Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis, saying it lacked jurisdiction because the alleged offenses would have occurred in Collin County."


"Ty Clevenger is a marked man, not in organized crime circles, but in the legal world of judges and lawyers."

After Travis County officials announced that the case was out of their county's jurisdiction, Ty started calling Collin County officials to see if they'd take the case.

"They wouldn't give me a straight answer," he says. In Ty-Land, that's how trouble begins.

Ty started writing about Paxton's problems on his blog. (Yes, his blog probably causes heartburn for public officials, some of whom he refers to as Mafioso.)

Then in a move that attracted criticism because it's so unorthodox, he wrote to 12 members of a sitting Collin County grand jury and asked them to consider looking at Paxton's case.

One or more grand jurors asked to see the Paxton file. Collin officials were forced to write to Austin to get it. And after that, a special prosecutor was appointed.

Contacting grand jurors and asking them to investigate the top law enforcement official in Texas? Who does that? But it worked."

Dallas Morning News

You can also read how he forced two federal judges to resign from the bench.

I am working on two grand jury referrals.  One is for Cameron County and one is for Travis County.  The DOJ has jurisdiction over the Travis County one, so I think that DA will be more cautionary and work with me since I have the admission of criminal conduct in a court transcript for violation of both state and federal law.

We the People own the justice system - not Saenz, or any other DA or the FBI or DOJ.

In the case of Barry Horn the DA and the defendant's attorneys covered over Barry Horn was a internet sexual predator.  The guilty men who raped Martinez were protected.  When this goes to the grand jury careers will end and it will go to the grand jury

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