Monday, July 8, 2019


The history is simple.  John Chambers ran as a Republican to challenge Omar Lucio for sheriff in the general election.  Had John won the Republican primary there is no way he would have beat Lucio in the solid Blue Cameron County.  Now John did win the primary in round one, but because of his conviction he was removed from the run off ballot to allow Victor Cortez to lead in the run off without having to face John Chambers, who was the largest vote getter.  It is no great secret Victor Cortez has always been Saenz's henchman for dirty politics.  

John Chambers presented a challenge to Victor Cortez so Saenz had him indicted.


The Court of Criminal Appeals decision basically ordered the Court of Appeals to acquit John Chambers with two justices dissenting claiming the Court of Criminal Appeals just should have ended it instead of forcing the Court of Appeals to end it.

Saenz just needs to dismiss the case and have John Chamber's record expunged.  But he will not.  Now remember it was the Republicans who removed John Chambers from the ballot for the run offs even though he was the number one vote getter.

But what will happen as we approach the primaries is Lucio will take the hit if Chamber's final acquittal comes too close to the primaries.  Cameron county may be Democrat, but they have no problem believing lies and kicking people out of office they believe are corrupt.  As Cascos proved over and over again, this county will vote Republican before they vote for a Democrat like Gilbert Hinojosa.  

If there was ever a time a qualified Republican for sheriff, who Saenz will hand pick, can win it will be in November 2020, unless Trump is impeached.  More people in Cameron county support Trump's border policies than oppose it.  The average joe is tired of the lower wages caused by the undocumented workers.  If Trump would just start to take down the companies hiring them, I believe he could win Cameron county.  

Saenz better be careful, because an acquital of John Chambers versus just dismissing the charges, could cost him the primaries or even a Republican winning the seat for DA.

The Democratic Party is in the middle of an open Civil War and people may just stay home.  The progressives are mad as hell and will never vote for Biden, and just wish Nancy Pelosi would go away.  I will note in the latest poll only Biden is beating Trump in a one in one race. It is in the interests of the progressives to allow Trump to take this country down this path of destruction in terms of future elections.  If more progressives win seats in 2020, and Trump wins, Biden and Pelosi will be powerless, and the progressives will gain in power.



Anonymous said...

Still waiting for Saenz to be indicted as you stated months ago. Your readers do not forget prior articles on Saenz.

BobbyWC said...

There is an open investigation. The problem as I have stated is, he has proof DOJ asked him not to indict one of the witnesses who swore under oath DOJ made him no promises. SO the DOJ will have a lot of explaining to do if Saenz releases the email. And yes my readers remember what I say, but you have chosen to forget how many times I have said this.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Your readers also remember you saying that Saenz would be indicted before the next election. The next election came and he won the election but no indictment happened. Just wondering, which election were you talking about?

BobbyWC said...

My statement was accurate until I learned he held the DOK at bay because he had proof they had the witnes lie to the jury about not asking Saenz to not indict the witness. They know if they touch him he will release the proof and Villalobos could be released from jail, and careers could end.

Dynamics change - why is that such a difficult concept for you, or is it that you just need to troll?

Bobby WC