Thursday, July 25, 2019


Will the trolls now say Trey Mendez and the other board members did the right thing.  Nope because they are trolls.

So Lily gets a dollar, and the right to refile the breach of contract in state court.  Limitations on breach is 4 years. She was fired in 2016.  TSC is very ready for a defense. 

NOTE ON BND, TSC AND TSTC - Texas A & M, Mike Hernandez does not speak for them and he will be getting a memo about the issue.  Juliete Garcia all over again speaking for UT without their permission.  More tomorrow on the real story and what is really happening.

Texas A & M is fine with making TSC part of the deal and so to is TSC and the City of Brownsville in working with TSTC.  It was Mike settling a score which mess this up.  Mike will be taken out of the mix and the deal will go forward as BND, TSC and TSTC.

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