Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Because of complex Texas laws, which I basically agree with, refinancing a home and taking out equity is a nightmare, plus the banks add at least two points to the normal mortgage rate.

Home improvement loans are nearly impossible.  Home improvement loans are for 5 years standard, which is not really a viable option.  A few lenders will give you 15 years at 5.23%. 

The reasonable lenders look to the Cameron County Appraisal District to determine your equity.  I know for a fact in the last 6 months homes smaller than mine including the lot, have been going for $200,000 plus. 


I have filed a challenge on my home claiming it is under appraise.  How is it possible a home near mine appraised at $107,000, just sold for $220,000.  While it is true that many times the Cameron County Appraisal District over appraises a home. the taxing entities lose when homes a under appraised by large numbers.

If I do not get a proper appraisal by the county, I cannot get the home improvement loan.  They have me at at $6,000 equity, even though last years paid for appraisal showed me at $70,000.  Based on the last five sale of homes in my area I am willing to bet I am approaching $100,000, in equity.

So in an unheard of move, I asked that my home be reappraised as too low.  Zillow which is always wrong has my home at about $25,000 over the appraisal district.


This is the first summer season with the high energy savings blow in insulation

For the bill I just got in 2018 the BPUB was 395.74 of which 225.92 was for electricity.  The new bill is $227.79, with $140.29 for electricity.  I bought the insulation at Lowes with a 3.9% interest.  It will be paid off in January.  This kind of savings is more than my monthly payment to Lowes.  After January it is 100% savings.

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Anonymous said...

Question why is it I can check the appraised value of certain public officials and see there home value go down year after year while mine goes up. Another perk of being a public official in Cameron County.