Monday, July 15, 2019


I can write a piece every day on what the new city commission must do in order to move the city forward.  But, this is going to be a slow process and we must be patient.

There is a need for some big moves, but they must first build political capital with the people and power brokers.  Now of course there are many power brokers who will be on the losing side of these big changes.


Because a part of the city's revenue is tied to the BPUB, any reduction in fees will cost the city money which means there is less money for the things people care about.  This is a one step at a time process.

The City Commission needs to force the question, to the extent the law allows for same, to use all of the Tenaska money for infrastructure.  The people will begin to see immediate progress and this will be good in terms of political capital.

In time this will allow for a reduction in rates since the Tenaska money is being used for infrastructure and not other city revenue.

We have to be patient and allow the new city commission to do one thing at a time.

I expect big changes at GBIC.  But before they act they really need the people on their side. 

On GBIC the city commission can vote to obtain all of the emails of Jessica Tetreau and Cesar de Leon related to GBIC.  Under current Texas law, this includes their private email accounts.

Also, the city commission really needs to completely shut down Jessica.  They do this by finding someone to sue her and Castro over blocking people from their FB page.  Every time Castro lies and says he is open to everyone it turns my stomach.  Barton knowing it is a lie, just sits there and does not call him out for the liar he is.


Anonymous said...

Rumors coming from the new elected candidate's camp has it that an ad hoc committee will be formed for the purpose of providing the commissioners with sound effective decision-making suggestions in order to fulfill the campaign promises made to the voters. Will you be part of this committee? Have you been contacted? If so, you will be a leading figure in guiding this committee.

BobbyWC said...

Since the election I have not spoken with anyone. I am barely getting back to work. It would be a good idea especially if they bring in people with various specialties.

And no if asked I would not serve. I believe in Democratic Centralism. This means if you work with a group and you disapprove of their decisions you defend them even thought you think they are wrong.

Trust me I can continue doing what I am doing and if such a committee were formed because the BV is the only blog as a policy wonk the commissions, mayor and any committee members will be reading about my ideas. And then without my interference consider them in private.

Also I would not be able to cover the city if I ever say on any committee. It would be a clear conflict of interest and everyone would be affraid to speak and speaking is how you get all good ideas out there.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by the statement that "the city commission really needs to completely shut down Jessica."? Do you mean give her no say in city government?

BobbyWC said...

Not not at all. The more she speaks the deeper she will dig her hole. The second Art has to start using his money to defend her she will resign.

I say let her speak all she wants all day long. She is just going to hang herself.

Bobby WC