Tuesday, July 30, 2019


McNair Street renaming to be reconsidered based on a great historical presentation by a resident.

Tetreau resigned GBIC rather than face removal

City Commission denied Tetreau's nomination of Carlos Guerrero or Erasmo Castro to GBIC.  Let there be no mistake Castro was not nominated without Carlos Marin's and Mike Hernandez consent Tetreau got mad.  Jessica did a shout out to Castro, "now you see who your friends are."  It is not about friendship it is about competency.

Jessica do you want all of the comments I have from Castro on how many times he claimed Angela Nix was preparing a lawsuit against you by him.  Both of your are a joke.

I will get back to who got it, it was a Nick Schaefer, of SchaeferStevedoring Inc, a Port business.  You see Jessica wanted Castro who has not been able to prove any meaningful employment on GBIC, and the Commission instead chose a successful port business owner.

Jessica will be Jessica.  Will Castro denounce her clear compadre nomination? - do not hold your breath.

Schaefer Stevedoring Inc

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Anonymous said...

Ohh my gosssdshthstsh... she nominated who!!?? Her bar is set very low for herself and people she surrounds herself with and she wanted to set the bar very low for Brownsville too..

Unbelievable what Carlos Marin has done to Brownsville for personal benefit... These clowns that are and were Commissioners and GBIC boards are to frigging die laughing for.