Friday, July 19, 2019


There is nothing anyone can do for a fractured tail bone.  You just  allow it to heal.  But after two months after I missed the chair and hit my trail bone and apparently hurt my shoulder, this is where I am at..  I missed the chair because of the intense headaches and never really focused on the sting in my shoulder.

Well it reached the point I cannot lift my left arm.  If it has not healed they can use a sling to fix it, otherwise another surgery.  The good news is, Mario Quesada in Brownsville, not the one on the news, is a great orthopedic surgeon.  So long as he takes TRIWEST and they decide on surgery it will be nice to finally have a surgeon I can trust in Brownsville.  I have seen his work and it is amazing.  

Also I would expect all the elected officials to send edible fruit to the nurses saying "sorry you have to put up with him," or as a bribe to OD me.

Sorry at this point, the prospect of another major surgery only leaves me with a need to laugh - what else can I do?

The shunt in my brain means it has to be reset after every MRI  The VA pushed hard to get me in today and called me when they learned of a cancellation.  By chance I see my brain and back neurosurgeons on Monday in San Antonio, so he can reset it on Monday.  You have 7 days after the MRI to rest the shunt.

Since I was able to get the VA doctors to start doing the right testing for enlarged ventricles two more veterans have been sent for the surgery.  They are happy with the brain neurosurgeon and he is in Brownsville.  So once my SA doctor does the final post surgery setting, his records will sent here so in the future any new rests can be done in Brownsville.

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