Monday, June 24, 2019


For now all there is, is a notice from the court of appeals an appeal has been filed and notice to the parties as to filing deadlines.  The court of appeals will eventually post the notice of appeal to allow for public viewing.  Such as he has done at the trial court level, District Clerk Eric Garza will not be allowed to block the public from viewing a public record from home.

Of note, Eric Garza's office at the trial level listed former assistant city attorney Alison Haynes as co-counsel for GMS.  The court of appeals at this point only lists the information provided by Eric Garza's office.  So the court of appeals lists Alison Haynes as cocounsel for GMS.

Correction.  The entry is correct.  There were two Allisons - one for each side. 
In the court transcript the former city attorney Allison Bastion ID herself for the city.  All I saw was the Allison never paying attention to the last name.

In the courtroom she was clearly cocounsel for the city.  Eric Garza is not running his office.  I know for a fact when you go online [in cases he has not blocked from public viewing] you will find misfiled documents in the wrong case.  This mistake could cost a litigant his case.

Click for entire transcript of the hearing It took a trick, but I was able to find the online file on the case.  Not revealing my trick.  After clicking on link, then click on download.

The BV will not start to cover the primaries any time soon, but the attorneys I speak with know Eric Garza has lost control of his office.  This is a race where a qualified person can easily beat Eric Garza.  For me to restore integrity to the courts the replacement of Eric Garzaa is key.

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