Wednesday, June 26, 2019


"Therefore, Appellant argues, the evidence is insufficient to show an intent to defraud or harm TCOLE. We agree."

"However, if the government has no legal authority to require the record, a person cannot defraud or harm Chambers - 2 the government by tampering with the record. Does this also mean that the falsification of the record in this case had no effect on the government’s purpose for requiring the record? That is unclear. We must remand the case to the court of appeals to consider that question because it was raised below but left unanswered."

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The Court never gets to the issue if evidence actually existed.  It simply rules under the assumption if the evidence existed under the Statute was a crime committed.  This case can go on for a long time.


"I agree with the Court that the evidence isinsufficient to support the intent-to-defraudor-harm element. I also agree with the Court that the court of appeals failed to address the issue raised on appeal of whether the evidence was sufficient to overcome the statutory defense. I disagree, however, with remanding the case and would instead render a judgment of acquittal for Appellant because I find that the evidence is insufficient on the element of “governmental record.”

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It is a disaster.  They make Abel Limas look like an honest John.  Note what the Court of Criminal Appeals said - they are remanding the case for the Court of Appeals to do its job and answer the question they refused to address.  This is classic 13th Court of Appeals.  They are a bastion of corruption.

They openly find judges and lawyers are engaging in ex parte hearings and then find no big deal.  It is a big deal and I will deal with it.

They openly violate people's right of access to the court based on disability.  I have one authorization to sue Mike Hernandez's first judge for violating my disability rights.  She responded by sua sponte recusing herself.

Once I am okay I am going after the entire 13th Court of Appeals on this issue, and two federal judges.  They consider disabled veterans as fools who were dumb enough to serve, unlike them.


I am sitting here trying to finish two briefs which are overdue.  I found 20 mg of hydrocodone from back in September when I had my back surgery.  I have the antidote on my desk.  I took the 20 mg, and 1000 of Ibuprofen .  The pain is intense but tolerable.  Next Wednesday the surgeon will decide to just open the valve more which takes two weeks to work, drain 40-50 cc of cerebral fluid threw the spine while we wait for the increased valve opening to work.  Or at this time protocol requires certain testing to see if shunt failed.  I did not have these cerebral headaches before  the surgery.

If he does not drain the cerebral fluid through the spine to give me relief, I will go to the VA ER and ask for help.

Yesterday was all day in bed in horrible pain.  Today I am barely functioning on a very dangerous dosage of hydrocodone.  When a federal judge proves he does not give a crap it is time to go after him all the way through the impeachment process.

Veterans do not serve to protect his sorry ass so he can deny them their rights.  Nothing will come of it but extreme embarrassment among his peers.  The sad part is I know this guy and he will not care.

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