Thursday, June 6, 2019


This was done locally.  I now have two holes in my head.  An infection developed just below the shunt so they had to open it and clean it out.  I did not feel the shunt surgery - the drugs were better - but I felt this.  She said it was a lot more infected and bigger than it appeared before she cut into the skin.

So have at it trolls.  I gotta give you something, right?

So I am down.  Plus I am bored to death with this flyer story. 

I have tried several times to put together a group of citizens to look for good candidates.  The problem.  There will always be a troll who wants in to upset the process.  It cannot be done.

It would not surprise me one bit if the person behind the flyers just wanted drama for the sake of drama.

I agree the story initially was newsworthy because the voters need to know just how dirty the campaign is.

My assumption is neither side had a thing to do with it.  It was just a trouble maker who got a hold of a flyer which may or may not have been made by Pink Ape.  But with Trey about to send out another mailer it makes no sense he or his group would be part of this.

I also see no evidence Cabler was part of this.

I see a lot of drama so how about moving on to issues lik will there be an independent search for a new Director of Public Works?  I can tell you there is strong support by city employees for an independent search. 

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