Monday, June 10, 2019


When the Hernandez family allegedly did the same thing Montoya went on the attack.  Today his silence against Cabler will be deafening.

This nonsense is only going to end one of two ways, state legislation, or a lawsuit after a senior is injured while being taken to the polls. 

At this time the only evidence is the campaigning at the day care.  100% legal, but in my view still contemptible.  Many, not all, are very volatile.  Their loved ones put them in the adult day care for a reason.  

There is a proper place for campaigning and nursing homes and adult day cares while 100% legal are not the place.  This is taking advantage of our seniors.  It tells you just how desperate Cabler is.

This morning, and I was not going to cover it, but here is an excerpt from the Dallas Morning News concerning Saturdays run-off for mayor.  I can only hope Brownsville is in the same place..  Well my one free look is used, but here is the headline.


Eric Johnson’s win in Dallas mayoral race was a referendum on nasty politics"

I do believe this is becoming a national trend.  The old ways of doing things lost.  The other way to end this nonsense is for families to pull their loved ones from adult day care centers which allow for this.

In a close small turn-out election this influence peddling on seniors can make the difference.  Hopefully the families will give the owner a stern reprimand, and not allow for their loved ones to be taken to the polls. 

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