Sunday, June 9, 2019


As a classically trained socialist, I would love a world where our policies prevail.  But the U.S. is not socially ready for those policies.  So my goal is to keep moderate Democrats in control.  This is a strategic decision.  I am watching the 20+ something Democrats running for President turn to the extreme fake left virtually guaranteeing Trump wins.  They fail to understand they are seeking the vote of the Independents.  They have already told the Independents to go to hell by supporting reparations - sad because even a Democratically controlled House and Senate would never pass such a Bill.

The Hyde Amendment bars federal funding for abortions.  My view is irrelevant.  But now it has been made an issue and I can tell you I know a lot of Independents who are so mad the Democrats want to end the Hyde Amendment they will not vote or vote for Trump.

Sorry for the lesson.

Later today I will post my Monday's post for the first day of early voting.  Maybe around 9 p.m..

But one example. I will be voting for John Cowen even though his company policies towards their workers goes against everything I believe in, and he lied to my face.  Why?  Two reasons.  One, he like myself believes industrial development must come to the Port and the airport area.  In the interest of full disclosure this is good for my district which is why it blows my mind my commissioner Tetreau is not on board.  Two, a John Cowen win means no one will have a 4 vote majority.  This is good for the city.

Nurith for obvious reasons, and Ben Neece because he leases from Galonsky, cannot vote on anything which involves Galonsky.  Jessica and Noel will never vote pro Galonsky.  That makes 4 votes which will never be for Galonsky.

Jessica and Noel will be two votes.  This means Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez have nothing.

This means the 7 have to work together to do what is best for Brownsville. 

I do not have to post vile things about Jessica Bradshaw Puente to get my point across.  My vote is simply strategic.



Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC: I like your vote choices and the reasons behind them.
I, like you, live on Tetreau's sector so basically I can only vote for mayor and commissioner at large.
My vote is for Mendez because I disagree with how Cabler handled the city during his administration and all the internal problems plus his ridiculous salary for such ineptitude.
Mendez list of priorities are a breath of air in a polluted city. I truly hope he steps to the plate, if he is all talk, he will be out.
Cowen is pro jobs and industry, I dont know the man, but I hope he is also pro Brownsville citizens and not just pro his pockets.
Thank you for informing in your blog about early voting, I ALWAYS early vote. Brownsville, if you don't vote, DONT COMPLAIN.

Anonymous said...

So what happened with the steel mill? That is one question that should be asked and answered truthfully. What party impeded that industrial development?