Monday, June 24, 2019


I really wanted to post this yesterday, but unlike Montoya turning Brownsville's big win about Brownsville, Mike Hernandez paid him to make the big win about Mike Hernandez, and there my friends is the fundamental problem.

Look guys I am not stupid.  In this country we make money.  It is not a sin.  For me everything is about transparency.

When many elected officials told me to stop promoting OP1033, while every other blogger was trashing Hernandez, I stayed focused on his stated mission.  I was able to get him to pull his support from Trey Mendez's TSC opponent and back Trey.

It was a difficult situation.  I think Mike's intentions were good, but he hooked up with Carlos Marin and that sent people running.  Mike is not one to listen.

Had he listened he would be in a lot better position today, than being the biggest loser on Saturday. Yes corruption took a hit in Brownsville because Mike was sent packing.

His claim about the hospitality deal is false.  It will never happen.  The UT will never get involved so the deal is dead.  The new city commission has enough leeway to end it now.

He tried to buy Tony Martinez's favor by donating to catholic schools.  Tony took the money and made clear he had no use for Mike Hernandez.  The Carlos Marin connection was just too much for anyone to care about Mike Hernandez or trust him.

I stayed with Mike against a lot of criticism until I had the proof that Carlos Marin was playing games thereby making the entire OP1033 entity untrustworthy.

Mike unable to align with anyone reputable added to his cabal of misfits, Jessica Tetreau - even Mike has to know Marin's  recommendation on that one was really stupid.  Carlos brought Rick Longoria into the mix.  Rick lost because he is Rick.  Good how stupid can you be when you add Cesar Deleon to the mix.

Nurith Galonsky such as myself when she left law school went to work for the community.  She learned their problems and injustices.  She then came back to Brownsville.

She did not just throw money at her campaign, she worked it and worked it hard.  She never stopped going door to door and meeting people anywhere she could find them.

She won because Rick such as is the norm for many politicos lost his connection to the people.  Nurith was a fresh face.

Mike claims to have started a needed school for construction.  It is unaccredited, while TSC's is accredited.  The proof he did not care about job training and it was a farce was when Carlos Marin convinced him to oppose the desperately needed new low and medium income housing development.  This would have meant real jobs for Mike's students but he opposed it at Carlos Marin's request.  Carlos had complete control over Jessica Tetreau and and Rick Longoria.

A side issue is, investors are now selling overpriced remodeled homes to drug dealers under owner finance with a pay off of 2-3 year so each payment will be less than $10,000.  This is making it impossible for the average Joe to buy a home.  Yes the value of my home is going up. Bcause of this I can now borrow enough to resurface the pool, but in a new fense and windstorm windows.  But is it locking hard working families from buying homes.  The price of a home in my neighborhood needing remodeling has gone through the ceiling.  Once the house is paid for the drug dealer can resell it on clean money.  So yes I am benefiting big time, but the average Joe is hurting.

Carlos now has control over no one.

I still believe if Mike Hernandez would just align himself with honorable people, he can still be good for Brownsville.  He needs to admit to his mistakes, and as AA says, he needs to make amends to those he hurt.

If Mike would just change his attitude as to how he does business he could be a good force for Brownsville.  But he has to dump his nonsense.  Promising Mike Rodriguez he would back him for the Port if he backed Rick Longoria was just stupid.  Everyone saw around it and in the process it hurt both Mikes.


All over Texas the Texas Workforce Commission provides free job training in forklifts to include OSHA certification.  There is no lack of workers in low paying hotel jobs.  But we have a major shortage of trained OSHA certified forklift operators.

If Mike has the reputation with Governor Abbott he claims to have he needs to push the governor to have the Texas Workforce Commission in Brownsville to provide the same training they provide all over Texas.

We are a major distribution center and there is a high demand for forklift operators.  If Mike can do this then people will see him in a different light. The BV would be the first to back his work on the issue.  I am not locked in against anyone.

But it is sad by aligning with Carlos Marin and the likes of Jessica Tetreau, Rick Longoria, George  Gavito he hung himself.

Mike needs to do one real thing and he can change his image.

In addition to pushing for Forklift training, he needs to denounce Jessica Tetreau for her association with Republic.  Personally I like  the residential services of Republic.  They are very good at replacing my cans when they break. They are very good at the brush pick up. But Jessica and her family making money on the contract with the city requires any honest person to denounce the deal.  Mike Hernandez cannot claim he believes in cleaning up the corruption when he remains silent about the Jessica/Republic deal and having all of his candidates again, lose at the polls.



Any real intellectual work is nearly impossible for me.  I am at two hours on 15 mg of hydrocodone and 800 mg of ibuprofen and it is just starting to work.  I can now get to legal briefing. 

So you understand after extensive research yesterday on mixing hydrocodone and pot a friend came over and I took a hit.  It was horrible.  I got nothing, no pain relief and no buzz.  It takes more than one hit, and I was just too afraid while on the hydrocodone.  It was scary holding the hydrocondo overdose spray in one hand while taking just one hit of pot.  Then the headache got worse as I caughed up a storm. We really need better medical research on pot as a pain killer, and a way to take it without smoking.

My nephew in Colorado and wife vape a blueberry flavored pot and it relieves their pain.  It is not worth the legal ramifications of even trying.  Yesterday was a one time deal.

It is sad we have to turn to such matters for pain relief.  We need the research so it can be safely administered. 

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