Sunday, June 16, 2019


The controversy of the cited signs for me goes back to Cabler's initial candidate paid for promotion of the event.  It you look at the bottom of the campaign advertisement it clearly says paid for by Charlie Cabler.  So it was clearly being paid for by someone promoting a political event.

WHO IS LAPITADA.COM - DO NOT KNOW was registered on January 15, 2019.  Under a private name making its owner untraceable under whois.

When you enter the name you quickly learn no web page exists.

When you run the page you quickly learn in 5 months the owner never developed it.  It is just a reserved name.  So who is La Pitada?  We now have enough evidence for an investigation concerning the laundering of campaign money.  If the city really wants to do its job, instead of pushing the citation on the land owner, they need to take this information and send it to the Criminal Section of the AG's office for aid in investigating laundering of campaign money.


 The police need to put to the landowner was he paid for the space to place the signs, and by whom.  This gets us closer to a proper investigation of laundering of campaign money

Given the original Cabler sign there is no doubt this was a political sign.  I do not put it on the land owner.  Someone asks to post a sign and you say yes, or demand money for the privilege.  The landowner's best defense is pointing to the person or entity which posted the signs.  As to the landowner I think he has some good First Amendment issues, which is why I think while they can the city should investigate laundering of campaign money.   Further no one believes  for one second De Coss who may be looking for a new job if the composition of the commission changes, is going to prosecute.  He wants to protect those protecting him. 


No one is buying Montoya's words on the issue.  This is not about the landowner who appears to be an innocent victim in this mess.

"The owner of the signs proclaiming "Viva Southmost, Vivan Los Cowboys and Viva Rick Longoria and Viva Michael Rodriguez" says that the City of Brownsville code enforcement officers have overstepped their authority by plastering his expensive signs (about $400 each) with red citation notices. 

The notice states that the signs violate Sec. 328 (11) which prohibits the posting of political signs that do not have a political disclaimer and must meet size requirements."

But alas a nice breakdown of what are the facts, and nothing will come of it.


Anonymous said...

Yes. George Gavito far left in green shirt.

BobbyWC said...

There is no issue by Mike Hernandez's own admission he has George Gavito pass out the money.

The police need to get to the land owner and learn how this happened. Was he paid and who gave him the money.

The AG's office is very anxious for a laundering of campaign funds case.

I am not saying that is what happened here. The law on individual support for candidates makes tracing money difficult. It also makes prosecuting anyone difficult because every individual has an absolute right to promote any candidate or event without the knowledge or consent of the candidate of event promoter.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

That's David Betancourt on the far right. Ha, should have known they were involved. They need that GBIC money for the buddies, Hernandez and Marin. Just wow!

Anonymous said...

Gavito and David Betancourt something smells fishy, by the way does David even go to work anymore? Tax payer waist!!

BobbyWC said...

When I do not even know the address of the location it is hard to help. I do find your story interesting thow. I had a similar problem with two neighbors. One sold the house after complaints and the other - wll lets say I no longer have car problems

bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Thank you for the address.

BobbyWC said...

I will look 8nto this person.