Wednesday, June 12, 2019


First I feel like shit.  My head is ready to explode.  I am not happy with all of the information I am getting.  But now I feel compelled to post this.  

There are two issues:  Did Castro do something wrong with a student?  The BV has no position on the issue. Law enforcement will handle the claim and the speculation should stop.  

The other issue is, and this is the one which concerns me - Did Montoya put out the alleged everyone knew rumor to intimidate Castro?  Castro is just a small part of what is happening behind the scenes to many elected officials.  

But on the claim let me say this.  If a police complaint was filed by Minerva Peña she would have to say how she knows this.  My concern is how would she know but not the parent?  The parent can be in a lot of trouble for not reporting it.  Also, Peña would have had a duty to report the allegation to the Interim-Superintendent.  It would then have been BISD's job to file the complaint.

So I see two possible problems.  Montoya's story is 100% false to include the filing of a complaint, or Minerva Peña ignored every protocol in acting on her own.  

Now I am 100% certain if administration knew about the complaint and took no action they will tell the police they did not know of the complaint.  They will lie to protect their jobs.  Or maybe no one in administration knew anything.

My point is, there are so many problems with this story people need to just stop speculating.  I am certain if Castro did anything wrong with a student the police will act.  What I am not sure is, if the entire story was an act of intimidation to influence how he votes, that any law enforcement agency will act.  

Guys I have been getting these complaints of pressure for some time.  But I demand affidavits before I will go with such a story.

Just saying, stop the speculation and let law enforcement do its job.  I know how this works.  At this point if law enforcement is involved or people have hired personal counsel, they have been told by both to zip it and allow the process to work.  

The BV is going to allow the process to work and allow the axe to fall where it falls.  But approving comments with endless speculation of claims of fact will not get through at the BV.

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