Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Riddle me this.  Why would Trey Mendez pay to have cheap paper copies of a trio campaign taped to mailboxes, when he already had in the works this mailer?  Received today.  Trey and the alliance are targeting those who voted in round one.

I do believe the paper flyers on the mailbox is a good story, but only because it shows desperation and how stupid Jessica Bradshaw Puente really is.  She gets the story from Roman Perez and she actually believed it would catch fire.

No my friends if the campaigns made the paper flyers they were not for mailboxes, but maybe car windshields.  It would take nothing for a trouble maker, not even a Cabler supporter, to get one and start a fake narrative.  Such has been this campaign.  I personally believe when people see this type nonsense they are turned off against the other side.  Cabler was the loser on this one along with Puente.

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