Wednesday, June 19, 2019


In this mess BISD is the big loser.  As Jim Barton in his coverage of last night's meeting notes he left to be with ANA [who seems to really care about her health - the pic was nice] because there was really just perfunctory things left on the agenda.  That is about the time I woke up from the massive I missed the fire works.

Yesterday I said the report said a lot in what it did not say, and Castro made a big mistake in posting it.  The lack of signature issue is real, but that is not the real problem with the report.  Montoya this morning on no proof seems to try and get into what the report  did not say.  I will say now that the case is closed anyone willing to pay for the video the police claim they have can get the video. 

I have no personal knowledge on what is on  the tape, and certainly would not accept the claims of a source when the tape is the best evidence.  I simply have no interest in it.


As to special services, BISD is still a mess.  BISD is in such chronic chaos the things it is doing right do not get profiled.  When it comes to chess, BISD is a miracle.  But we have a board and one endless administration after another interfering with the good work of the teachers.  I have no idea what Shergold's comment about communism was about, but beyond that I agree with what he said according to Jim's reporting.  The BISD in its competition with the Charter schools is leaving too many students behind who are not getting the training they need. 

God we have so many job opening for forlift operators which pays good money and no one is offering training.  I would be the first to praise anyone who would back such a program, even Mike Hernandez.  We are not getting ready for the expansion of the port.  At this time the city showed extreme stupidity in supporting job training in hospitality.  They are clearly clueless about where the job demand is.  It is in logistics and inventory control/distribution - meaning forklift operators who are OSHA certified.  Hopefully John Cowen will bring his expertise in this field to the board once he is sworn in as a Commissioner.


This entire thing is odd for me because I believe what consenting adults do is no ones business.  But I do draw a line when the acts involve an affair, or a public figure is clearly involved in an inappropriate act even if it is legal.  

I am not speaking of Castro generally.  I am just speaking of my view.   I believe having an affair with a married person is unforgivable.  Jessica Tetreau Kalifa had an affair with Art who was married, got pregnant and then destroyed a family.  Brownsville has been forgiving on the issue.  I am not.  I have been the victim of an affair and it hurts big time.

But conversely if a married couple want to bring third parties into their bedroom, that is their business because it is a joint decision among consenting adults.

I can never imagine myself with anyone under 50.  That is me, but you never know.  It is perfectly legal for me to date an 18 year old, but what would I get out of it.  I have no desire to be any one's daddy.  For me as a public figure any older man or women making out with a teenager of legal age raises serious concerning their public image.  

My life right now is someone who wants to travel around the country and go camping.  If things go well in July with my neurosurgeon I hope by late July to organize a camping trip to the Pedernales River.   Once a year trip to NYC for a Broadway show or ballet is me.  My older friends with successful marriages know when it is joint time and when it is separate time.  This is just me.

Consenting adults can do as they please  - I draw the line on affairs and elected officials in relationships with much much younger people.  It is an image thing for the city.  Also a consenting adult is not an alcoholic or drug addict being used by the men at the downtown dives.  Hey bar owners, work with the city to create a red light district around a failed industrial park.  In other cities the police prefer this and the patrons seem to have more freedom.  


Barton reported this from the BISD meeting last night and it is very telling in light of what the police report does not say. In addressing Castro BISD counsel stated "BISD Attorney Baltazar Salazar, loudly talking over Castro, waving his finger, shouted:  "You are stating only half-truths!"

"Don't wave your finger at me!" answered Castro."

The entire exchange was childish, and only invited more scrutiny of Castro. Now remember Salazar is beholden to Sylvia Atkinson.  She has the evidence on his role in her wrongful indictment.  Sylvia should have taken my advice and pushed for a full criminal investigation against those who conspired against her.  But no she chose to hold the evidence to manipulate the process.

Any citizen who believes anyone is having an inappropriate relationship with a minor has a duty to report it.  The concerned BISD member who according to the police who reported the incident could have done a better job investigating before having a blog hacker known for publishing based on pay to publish the claim.  

If Castro has any email's or texts which clearly show he was being threatened with exposure of the story because of how he votes, then the feds need to investigate. This endless internet coverage needs to end.  Had Minerva Peña, who allegedly filed the complain simply allowed law enforcement to do its job, this mess would not have humiliated the BISD.  

Castro lives for drama and playing the victim.  I am certain he will dig the hole deeper leaving himself without support on the BISD Board.  I feel real sorry for Phil Cowen.  He works so hard to bring good governance, but is always forced to choose between the drama.  I love his probing questions.  But he is in the middle of a mess.  He cannot seem to get a break on his votes.  It is always the lessor two evils. 

Castro lost last night on the reorganization.  If Minerva can be proven as the person who released the claim to Montoya then that should be a basis for her removal as Board President.  If the proof does not exist, Castro will never get the 4 votes to change anything.  And last he has no legal lawsuit against anyone.  Montoya will claim he does not remember who sent him the story.  He will have no records of his income.


I have someone in their early 30's sort of pursing me.  I'm flattered.  But they would not like how I live my life.  But I have to admit I have no real problem with men or women in their 60's or 70's dating someone in their early 30's.  If you connect you connect it is weird but be happy.  I' m way too old to change my ways.  But if I were to meet someone who understands me and could trust them to go out on their own with their younger friends - who knows.

Really weird is the women in her 70's I have the hots for.  We just connect.  She is such a sweet heart who gets me.


Anonymous said...

One question, if this incident is a BISD problem, why was the incident reported to the Brownsville Police Department when BISD has their own district police. If the incident followed the channels of the Human Resources Department and upper BISD Administration, such incident should have been directed to the school district police. Could it be that such incident did not followed protocal?

BobbyWC said...

Grat question in extending the discussion. That was my first concern and I simply do not know the answer.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the President of the Board of Trustess who I assume is one of your loyal readers can answer the question.

Anonymous said...

I submit that it is a matter of jurisdiction. What it boils down to is where the offense is alleged to have happened. In this instance, it is alleged that it happened off of BISD property. Therefore, Brownsville cops handle the investigation.

BobbyWC said...

I really do ot know. I know the BPD loves to send people to the BISD PD. But remember the shotting - it was BPD. Maybe because the allegation involved a BISD trustee the BISD Police were recused from investigating.

I really do not know. But it is an interesting question.

Thanks for extending the discussion.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Was it a matter of jurisdiction? If so, why go through BISD Dept of Human Resources and upper level administration? He is a board of trustee member but also a private person accused of being involved in a situation with a person not in the school system and in a private place. It seems that if the concern travel through the channels of the school system that the school district police should have been involved allowing the district's police to determine if the case should be referred to BPD after further review of the situation. Furthermore, why the school district's HR, he is not employed by the school district.

Anonymous said...

Going through BISD admin may be a procedural issue specific to ISD. Under state law, it is mandated that any adult with knowledge of abuse to a minor, must report it to police. However, the responsibility doubles when you are a licensed professional - educator- etc.

BobbyWC said...

To be clear I fully support good faith reports even if you are wrong in the end. But when you go to a blogger for hire to report on a matter under investigation you motives should be questioned.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:46 p.m. stated that " under state law, it is mandated that any adult with knowledge of abuse to a minor, must report it to police." Such law certainly applies to all personnel that are employed by the school district especially those that are professionals dealing with cases involving children in the school district. School personnel are required to report any incident to law enforcement or Child Protective Services with or without the approval of their superiors. However, in this case the accused is not an employee of the school district and the victim may or may not be a student or a minor enrolled in the BISD school system. However, the information that the public knows on this incident is that a school board member reported this incident based on second hand information to BISD Human Resources which discussed it with upper level administration who referred the case to BPD. The question remains on why was the reported incident not reported to the school district's police department.

BobbyWC said...

I do not believe there is anything published which verifies the following:

"However, the information that the public knows on this incident is that a school board member reported this incident based on second hand information to BISD Human Resources which discussed it with upper level administration who referred the case to BPD."

There is so much rumor it is hard to know who to believe. I believe Castro posted the Interim Super denied involvement.

But who ever reported it clearly failed to follow procedures, and certainly knew it was to remain silent until the police did their job. Remember all the police did was rule out illegal conduct based on the tape. The report is silent as to whether there was an encounter with an adult.

BObby WC

Bobby WC