Tuesday, June 4, 2019


For the third time now I have blocked a number from his phone bank.  His workers are way to stupid to take off the list those hanging up on them or expressing their disinterest in his campaign.

Right now I am in a bad way and need sleep for the cerebral pressure, but the cysts which have developed make wearing my CPAP nearly impossible.  Under the new rules I can just go to Valley  Baptist which I hate to do, but if the VA Harlingen cannot understand the danger of a cyst breaking into the shunt, I will have no choice.  

Do not get me wrong, there are a lot of good people at the VA Harlingen, but those who feel like the veterans are a nusance make everyone else look bad.

My head feels like it will explode.


If you have a high quality water softener which serves your entire house including the outside you cannot use the wateronr avocado trees.  I planted a tree which had some fruit on it already and the leaves turned brown.  It was caused by the salt in the water softener.  I found bottled water which is salt free for $1.25 for 5 gallons.  The tree seems to be recovering.

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