Monday, May 27, 2019


We all attended UTEP form 76-80.  We were one short, but we are thinking of doing this again for the UTEP Homecoming.

I spent my first night at the camp ground.  God it was so much fun.  Teresa in the flower shirt, who had a book signing of her book "Rekindled" told me it was time to get out of my safe zone, and hike with her.  We hiked 3 miles on a trail.  I was fine and felt so so renewed.  By this weekend I will work in a 5 mile hike every day on Brownsville's wonderful trails. 

I had a driver to San Antonio, then after my doctor appointment to open the valve to the brain shunt more, I had a driver to Mineral Wells.  It is a good thing the medication still keeps me from drinking.  On 281 North in the Hill Country, there are so many beer distilleries.  The drive was beautiful.

Nights 2-3 were on a 500 acre ranch in a house we rented.  My friend Susie in the back sad, "okay time to walk again."  We walked around the ranch for an hour and a half.  No pain and no problems breathing.  I am no renewed.

Once the cerebral headaches are gone, I will be driving all over Texas and possibly to NY again.

I am so, so renewed and feel reborn with my new spine. Also is Gracie who now lives in SA.  She is so funny about life.  It is what it is and deal with it, and I love her for how she feels.

Missing is Barbara - her schedule made it difficult for he to make it.  But we had her on speaker phone a lot.  When mom died in August of 77', they each had a part of her and that is how I overcame the loss of mom.  Four beautiful women all different and strongly independent.

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