Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Is there still a run-off election?  By the blog coverage I would say no.  The blogs are about McHale's and Duardo's play toy and town clown Robert Sanchez.  They see him as a clown and play him as such and he is just too stupid to see it.


Well I am voting for Trey Mendez.  Although Duardo would tell you only he has covered John Cowen the BV with actual facts and not just mind numbing adjectives and adverbs has been specific about John lying to my face about the Casa del Nylon mess, and Ralph Cowen telling me how John's business provides nothing for its employees because most are contract labor from employment agencies.  This is important because so many people in this town although they work have no insurance, time off, or retirement.  Is this the business model we want for our workers.  This is a valid question based on facts and not mind numbing adjectives and adverbs.

But what do I do.  I believe Ralph and John Cowen are correct that the industrial development should be around the port and airport, even if it means John making money on the sale of land near where the LNG may go in.  My primary issue is development, so since I believe John will win anyway, and he is on the right page on where the industrial development should be, I will probably vote for him.

I do not get to vote in the Longoria Galonsky race.  What is happening is all races, because of the low voter turn out all the candidates have a list of those who voted in round one, along with precinct results which show where they did best.  In this race it is easy to target your original voters. 

Rodriguez hung himself with his big mouth.  I am not sure his endorsement or help will make a difference. All of his public statements are stored and will be used against him if he ever runs again.  He is dirty and of zero value to either of the main political machines.

I have no idea how this election will go.  But I know this.  Nurith has not sat back in her AC office.  She is all over the district making sure people know they have a choice. She has the female vote locked up. Whether you like her or not, she has worked for the votes.


The GMS lawsuit could lead to indictments.  Well we all know indictments of local officials does not slow down the corruption.  I would not want to be mayor of this town.  Both main political machines are going to continue with their machinations and keep the process corrupted for their own benefits.  Every vote has to be scrutinized.  The mayor is one vote.  But the mayor will take the brunt of the blame for anything which goes wrong. It is in the best interest of the new commission that GMS comes to an end before the election.  The GMS suit will come to an end more likely than not after the new city commission is in place.  It does not matter who wins, the new city commission will be attacked from day one by the losing side.  The conspiracy theories will fly like there is no tomorrow.


Is their a runoff?  I see no meaningful evidence the candidates are getting their name out there, other than the block walking.  Other than paid ads I see nothing more.  I watch the FB pages and see nothing new.  It almost seems like each candidate has accepted their fate.

Now to be fair before early voting I do see mailers going out.  I do not like the calls.  I do not even buy the Herald anymore during elections to review the ads. The best chance of me listening to you is through a mailer.  So I expect the mailers to begin in earnest the closer we get to early voting.


Other than downtown development, which I support big time because it will bring in tax dollars for the entire city, is anyone talking about the issues.

How are we going to replace the Director of Public works?  Potholes are a big issue the people.  Nary a word.

"I promise development." means nothing to me and I mean nothing.  Generalized promises mean nothing.  What means something to me is you have a proven track record on development.  Trey Mendez has that, which is why I support him. 

If you are not acknowledging the issues and the source of the problems why should the average voter even turn out for you in a low turn-out run-off?

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