Thursday, May 2, 2019


This is a must Summer read.  I saw it on Life Time TV.  I fully understand people who have no faith cannot understand how a God can sit by and allow a child to be kidnapped and murdered.  Easy enough to understand.  

Their fundamental problem is two fold.  They are caught in the trap of the false Christian Judea myths taught for centuries to entertain low information masses.  We are better educated now to read the old texts and better study them for a greater meaning.

A God who controls his children is imposing a form of slavery.  We cannot be ourselves without free will.  

Life is complex.  We demand mercy for the child who has been murdered, but is there mercy for her murderer if he was so abused he becomes a sociopath.  And is there mercy for the person who made that child into a sociopath?  Where it begins and ends I do not know.

None of this is new to me.  I have understood this for a good 40+ years.

So in our need to be slaves to a God, do we forgo mercy for our fellow man because it is easier to blame our master?

I do not have to accept evil, but I can try and understand how it developed and work towards policies to keep it from raising its ugly head in the future.  The next time you judge that child you think is just bad, try and think what he/she may be going through.

The child's need for mercy and compassion does not end when they become an adult.  It does not mean they go unpunished.  It means we need to try and understand how the child got to the path of being an adult who would kill a child.

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