Monday, May 13, 2019


These two have no choice but to consult good criminal defense lawyers before their deposition on the 17th.  They need to hire separate attorneys because of potential conflicts of interest.  They need to put all of the possible evidence Baker and Botts may have on them as to the city and GBIC.  The hiring of Lozoya at GBIC gives Baker and Botts more than enough evidence to show a pattern and practice.

These two need to remember anything they testify to at their deposition can be used against them in a criminal trial, and in Jessica's case removal from the city commission.  My sources tell me her removal is already being looked at by independent counsel depending on what comes out.

If they just go into their civil depositions with no understanding of the potential criminal implications of their testimony, they could be hanging themselves. 

Smart money is to have a good criminal defense lawyer at the civil depositions to assert the Fifth for both based on the claims which could lead to criminal charges.

But alas, neither have the money to hire a high calaber criminal defense attorney who understands to nuances of what is about the happen.

May 30th could bring Cabler's and Longoria's elections to an end.  If Jessica or Cesar have hired good criminal  defense counsel already, they are already cutting deals to hang Longoria and Munguia.


Anonymous said...

Jessica Kalifa can afford good legal counsel. She has bragged about being worth $4 million. So I can assume she can afford good attorneys to defend her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing that up - so if she is worth $ 4 million, I wonder if she had good legal counsel to shelter those $4 million in an LLC in case of a lawsuit.. if not, then believe you me, many want a piece of those dineros and are going to test her counsels ability.

BobbyWC said...

That is why I find it odd they did not sue the car wash. I think they will get the evidence in the depo and then sue the carwash

Bobby WC