Wednesday, May 22, 2019


I tried real hard to find a good pic of GMS equipment.  They do not exist.  Further compared to Republic GMS' web page is horrible.

GMS is not spending the money it is spending to allow Republic to get the contract with Jessica Tetreau and Art Kalifa to make money on a Republic contract.  Any vote by the city commission in favor in Republic will only extend the litigation.  This is sad because Republic may be offering the people the  best deal.

If Republic wants to be taken seriously it needs to use these events to end is contract with Art Kalifa's car wash.  If there is a contract which remains enforceable for a period of time, we can expect even more litigation.

This is a mess with no clear winner in the end.  Republic may decide this mess for the courts by just pulling out. They have to know if discovery shows they lobbied Jessica or Art they can easily be brought into the litigation.


Anonymous said...

Why dont they subpoena jessicas financial records
Im sure that would be very telling

BobbyWC said...

They may have. The individual subpoenas are not posted,

Bobby WC