Saturday, May 11, 2019


I hearing from lawyers, city commissioners and operatives of city commissioners there is a race to hire private counsel.  With the exception of Jessica Tetreau Kalifa and Cesar De Leon  no one trusts Rene De Coss to represent the city of the commissions interests.

Commissioners are seeking independent counsel.  No one is safe.  Baker and Botts is going to undo the city and expose all of the corruption.  I feel sorry for Rick Longoria because if he is as sick as they say, this is not good for him.

Jessica no matter she says cannot afford an attorney for what she is up against.  Cesar De Leon is screwed.  There are only a hand full of qualified attorneys in Cameron county who can handle what is about to come, and none of them want to help Jessica or Cesar.

The lawyers they will hire do not have the skills to protect them and will just take their money and wing it.

The good news is Jessica and Cesar are dumb enough to allow Mike Hernandez to help them find counsel.  It will be a blood bath.


Anonymous said...

Any attorney would be willing to help if they can pay.

BobbyWC said...

Yes, I have said a million times, if you have the money I find you a million attorneys to sue God for your for making you stupid.

Bobby WC