Thursday, May 16, 2019


I have made clear I am a fan of McCoys, regardless of which town their store is located in.  I think I paid about $400, for this bench.  Once put in place, I sat and finished my smoothie. from Tropical Smoothie Cafe.  The berry smoothie is awesome and the Cuban sandwish is to die for.  It was all good.

I am awake because with the exception of maybe an hour or so I slept all day.  The cerebral pressure is building real bad.  I just have to wait until the 23rd for when my neurosurgeon feels like the swelling will be reduced enough to adjust the valves and verify the settings.  

This swinging bench reflects my new reality.  I am trying to finish up three matters, and then by next March between my Social Security and retirement I will live my life in the pool and swinging on my bench reading.  My cerebral fluid over production will never go away and I just need to retire.

Brownsville is going to be in great hands with Trey Mendez, Rose Gowen and Ben Neece.  Oh,  the non-sense blogging will continue, but the results will turn on the voters and not the bought and paid for bloggers.

The bloggers have no readers.  If McHale says he has 4900 hits he really has no more than 400 individual readers.  Hits do not separate out each time the same person clicks on his blog at work, on their phone, I Pad or home computer.  I pay for a program to see my real numbers.  Even my service cannot separate out the clicks by the same person from different devices.  But I can clearly see the same IP address clicking on easily 7-15 times a day.  Hits, not individual readers.

I bought the last bench at the Brownsville McCoy's, but it is my understanding they will have more next week.  Guys swinging in the chair after dinner was so relaxing and that is my future.  Reading and swinging.

If I can just finish these last three cases, I am in full retirement.  I am dping my best to mediate and lower how much I will take.


I am working the numbers to redo my entire house with energy efficient and windstorm windows.  A reader has been posting comments about how the city fails at protecting its citizens on this issue.  Well McCoy's custom makes the windows using Texas Windstorm specs, and places a windstorm label on the glass doors or windows.

Ask for Albert to install your windows or doors.  My three windstorm French doors were perfectly installed.  Everyone loves them.

Also I highly recommend you pay the $250 to have a local engineer to verify the windows were properly installed so your insurance will go down.  The state inspectors are not free when you consider the hell they put you and your workers through. 


Guys if your windows are not winstorm certified by the state, unless grandfathered in based on the date your home was built, you pay for windstorm insurance but they do not have to replace your windows after a hurricane.

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