Friday, May 31, 2019


Now in considering this headline one must understand in order to believe anything Montoya prints you must have a brain soaked alcohol syphilitic brain. 

The most dishonorable Mary Esther and Louis Sorola find the false attack on Erin and Doreteo Garcia Hernandez funny because they are filth.  Both have paid significant money to Montoya to print lies about them and Judge Linda Salazar.

Alex Begum paid a lot of money for Montoya to print lies also.  The man is without an ounce of honor.

When the fake story came out on Presas-Garcia I rejected the claims by numerous people that Presas-Garcia had confided to her closest friends it was true she had been indicted.  I know how the system of nonsense works.

The only way anyone would try and investigate the source is if the FBI or DA were investigating a leak of a truthful claim.  Hence Montoya's story seemingly confirms Presas-Garcia was indicted and the FBI and or the DA pursued the leak.

Now nothing can be further from the truth.  Montoya under pay from the filth known as Louis Sorola published the false story because Erin and her husband support Louis' opponent for district judge.

This is the dishonorable and filthy campaign you can expect from a panic stricken Sorola.

In speaking with Garcia Hernandez action will be taken to hold Montoya accountable and if discovery shows same Sorola could find himself in the middle of a messy bit of litigation during his campaign.  What is next will come after the investigation.

When will these morons get all Montoya does with his lies is hurt the people who pay him.

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