Tuesday, May 7, 2019


My initial comment was under my roommates name.  I did not see he was signed on. He had nothing to do with the comment and really does not give involved in politics.  I am actually doing a lot because I am being rushed to San Antonio in the morning for advanced testing as to the cause of the cerebral pressure and possible new surgery if it cannot be fixed with the computer.

My comment:

"That comment was mine not my roommates.  I did not realize he was signed on.  Now Jessica if this is true can ask for sanctions.  But we all know it is not that simple.  People can abstain and still have their friends do their dirty work.  All I can think is Baker and Botts held the lawsuit to avoid a claim they were trying to influence the election.

I hardly think that the new city commission is going to dig this hole any deeper knowing another lawsuit will follow.  There will be a very close analysis of who is tied to whom to avoid any suggestion of holding the contract for another majority.  Trey is just not that stupid.  Trey will be the first to yell out against such stupidity.

Bobby WC"

Jessica still had three votes.  What discovery will tell us is did Jessica tell her fellow commissioners she had a financial interest in the matter even though she abstain in the vote?  This is exactly what Tony Martinez did in the Casa del Nylon deal.  He failed to tell his fellow commissioners about how his law partner was part of the negotiations. 

The sad part is, the contract could have been in the best interest of the city, but now it is a mess.

To Baker and Botts Jessica's abstention will mean nothing.  Jessica cannot afford the kind of lawyer which can compete with Baker and Botts.  So if they do not drop her individually, she is in for a ride with a lot of bad discovery,

Again this Montoya distraction that this is to allow Galonsky's interests to get the contract is just that a distraction. 

Trey Mendez will never tolerate digging the hole deeper by giving the contract to a Galonsky operative to the extent one exists.  Everyone now knows there will be more litigation.

Again the sad part is the contract could have been in the city's best interest, but the corrupting part messed it up.

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