Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Up front I want to make clear, Carlos Elizondo is innocent until proven guilty.  Eddie Lucio is his attorney so do not assume Elizondo will be found guilty.  Carlos has an A+ defense attorney.

I get a ton of anony posts with leads which prove to go to dead ends.

Michael Rodriguez can support anyone he wants and attend the strategy meetings.  It is community involvement and always good.

But Rodriguez learned nothing from his FB exchanges with Duardo.  You do not accuse a person's mother of offering an appointment in exchange for support unless you have eye witnesses or a recording.  Bringing in some one's mother to a dirty campaign just shows how low his character really is.  His ego about being the only person who can save Southmost is dangerous.  If Michael speaks he hangs himself and others around him.

But this guy cannot shut up.

Barton follows up on a semi valid rumor.  I say semi valid because so what Cabler and his team meet to strategize?

But Barton never really follow-up with a direct answer on the bombshell accusation.  Cabler strategizing is no big deal - so what?

From Barton's exchange with Michael Rodriguez.

""Michael, I keep hearing you met with Rick, Carlos Elizondo, Steve Guerra and Arturo Trevino last night at a restaurant. What was that about?"

Michael Rodriguez:  "It was about supporting Charlie.  We met at Charlie's headquarters. They will have a meeting every Tuesday. But Rick wasn't at the headquarters.

I am fine with the purpose of the meeting.  It is normal.  But what is not normal is having at the meeting a person facing felony charges who Cabler is tied to in an audit spotlighting wrongdoing.

We do not know if Carlos Elizondo was there.  Barton did ask the question but never got an answer of yes or a denial.

That is the story.

Barton writing a story without quoting Michael would have done nothing in terms of hurting Cabler.  But because Michael cannot shut up and has to make himself out as the savior of Southmost, he implicated Cabler having Carlos Elizondo at his side strategizing his campaign.

Again, Carlos Elizondo has not been found guilty.  With Eddie Lucio as his attorney I can easily see a not guilty verdict.  But when Cabler is implicated in an audit of wrong doing with Carlos Elizondo, and Carlos is facing felony charges Cabler comes across as really stupid by associating with Carlos Elizondo at this time.

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