Tuesday, May 7, 2019


As I told the story I sold Baker and Botts on opening the Moscow office before I decided I did not want to work at a big firm.  This was done at a meet and greet party.  Baker and Botts is one of the last straight shooter firms. 

James A. Baker, III, has served in senior government positions under three United States Presidents. He served as the nation’s 61st Secretary of State from January 1989 through August 1992 under President George Bush. During his tenure at the State Department, Mr. Baker traveled to 90 foreign countries as the United States confronted the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the post–Cold War era.

You can bet the farm Baker and Botts transcript of the De Leon tape is with the FBI.  They play by the rules and win by the rules.

Pay attention Jessica, you and the city are conflicted out and the city is entitled to all of your city and private emails under the current open records system.  I warned people about this years ago when the rule changed.  The city cannot be involved in hiring private counsel for Jessica because the city upon discovery can sue Jessica for contribution.  The city can actually refer her for possible criminal prosecution.

She is in the lawsuit in her official capacity, so the city represents her as the city, but not individually because the information cannot be shared.

Baker and Botts are going to get Carlos Marin's and Mike Hernandez's emails to their cabal of 4, Jessica, Longoria, De Leon and Munguia.  The city is free to start pulling them now to defend itself.  The new city commission will do every thing it can to help GMS find other deep pockets.  

The city's best defense is taking down the cabal of 4 headed by Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez.

Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez are about to find out just how good Baker and Botts really are.

Carlos and Mike you should have hired Baker and Botts when I told you to and settle with me.  They would have been conflicted out of representing GMS.  It was a tease guys - I just wanted you to now think how stupid you were to not listen.  For the record, Baker and Botts would have refused to help either of you.


Dale Robertson said...

Has James Baker, III been an attorney with Baker Botts?

BobbyWC said...

I copy and paste the profile right from their page.

Bobby WC