Monday, May 6, 2019


UPDATE:  Bizarre does not explain where this story has gone.  Cata has done a very calm well spoken denial in a video on her FB page.  This is good.  But the claims of what is happening is just too bizarre to believe anything.  People, sit back and let the truth come out. None of this makes any sense including the claim the matter is federal.  If there is a federal case, then Cata would be a mouse in case which also involves someone very big.  Nothing is adding up there is truth to this story.  

Who is ANA? 
  • "Marylyn Collins Ponder How can anyone make it up if it’s true?
  • Sylvia Garza Perez True Dat."
  • Sylvia's statement at most is an inference.  But as the county clerk if there is something out there she would know - well at the state level.  I can assure everyone if the matter is federal Saenz would know nothing, and neither would Sylvia.
I do not like how this story is taking on a life of its own.  

Montoya defending Cata is a joke.  If I remember months before Villalobos was indicted Montoya claimed he was indicted.  Libel? not according to Montoya - so long as you are not repeating these claims against Cata as true there is no libel.

Montoya has done more to get people to talk about this than had he said nothing.

The information I am getting is all over the place.

People let this play out.

Sometimes Montoya gets it right.  Santana Torres did leave the COB on the Friday like my source said, and Navarro is now the interim Director of Public Works.  

I hope the city commission puts this out for a national search.  We need a good engineer with experience to fill this position.  Veterans with Battalion level experience in public works are a dime a dozen.,  How about hiring a highly qualified veteran?  What say the candidates?

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