Saturday, May 11, 2019


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THE BV FOR FREE, will help you with announcements.  In time I will cover the elections, but not now.  The people are tired with the municipal elections and really do not want to hear about the primary candidates.

Also in June or so, I will set up a link for ALL CANDIDATES - where they can have their web page or FB page link, all mailers, and all ads placed for free.  The BV did these several years ago and my readers liked having a one stop place to learn about the candidates.

I will cover the elections.  Some candidates will not like my coverage.  But at no cost they will have equal access to the free web link with all of their campaign material.

I am one vote, my readers decide the elections not me.

Right now my head is ready to explode. The left side of my belly feels like something is profoundly wrong.  The drainage tube goes into the peritoneum.   I go back on the 23rd which is when a decision will be done to look at the tube to see if there are complications.  


Anonymous said...

Mr BWC: What can an ordinary citizen do to request that ALL political signs be removed from view? I understand Mr. Mendez, Mr Cabler or the District 1, but I still see Ms. Tetreau, Mr. Cowen, Mr. Martinez, and some of the other contenders. Their race is OVER. Can they be given some sort of a citation or are their signs up until next election?

BobbyWC said...

Their sign pollution tells you how little they care for Brownsville. Yes a citation can be issued but the city refuses to enforce the rules. There are still signs up from 2018 and before. When will Erasmo Castro take down his signs? Never because his message to the kids is rules are not meant for him.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

The election is confusing so I think you mistake was 100% honest, but Cowen is in the run-off so he needs to keep his signs for now.

We have Trey Martinez, Charlie Cabler, John Cowen, Jessica Puente Bradshaw, Nurith Galonsky and Rick Longoria as the only ones who should have signs for the municipal elections.

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

Alex still has not taken down his signs from when he beat the scumbag Rene Oliveria just favoritism.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I know that you have always been about the kids and I think this coverup needs some sunshine! A few months ago, a male student at Veterans Memorial was caught by a custodian taking pictures inside one of the girls restrooms. He had gotten into the overhanging ceiling from the adjacent boys restroom! Until Friday, no one knew about this and the whole thing was kept under wraps by the Principal Norma Linda Gallegos, or the district??? Parents started calling in and Gallegos was not taking calls. Normally a soft lock down would have been automatic, an investigation, and a robo call to all parents that an incident had taken place but all was under control. Kids (girls) are now wondering if this kid kept pictures or if they will be coming out someday on FB?? If you think it is worth looking into, just say yes. I would prefer that you not post this, I didn't know how else to convey this information to you. Thank you!

Bobby WC said...