Tuesday, May 14, 2019


We actually finally have a Democrat in this seat.  No more insurance company hack ignoring the needs of the people.  Brownsville is so much better off with Alex Dominguez representing the area.  In two years I see him becoming a name the power brokers know.  I hope he will have me at his Reelection Panchanga event.  God, it feels good to finally have a Democrat really fighting for us.  This is first term guys.  He got in there and fought.

"Rep. Dominguez Moves Legislation and Receives Award for Efforts for Children with Special Needs  print page

by: Rep. Dominguez, Alex
AUSTIN-- Last week, State Representative Alex Dominguez (Brownsville) laid out House Bill 4313 in the House Committee on Public Education. House Bill 4313, which would expand adaptive sports programs in junior high and high schools in Texas for special need students, was passed unanimously out of the committee. "
All my readers know special needs children hold a special place in my heart.  This was a great Bill.  The Bill made it through the House, but I cannot find a record where the Senate is taking action on it.  The Texas Senate did pass the education Bill, but without proper funding. I'm not sure given the unwillingness of the Texas Senate to finally fix the funding of education that they would want to add to the budget for such a great program.  Alex was also part of the House Bill on Education Finance. The Senate did water down the House Bill, but Alex was there making sure the funding included more for our area.


Representative Dominguez Files Hemp Production and Regulation Bill  print page

by: Rep. Dominguez, Alex
AUSTIN-- Today, State Representative Alex Dominguez (Brownsville) filed House Bill 1230, relating to the production and regulation of hemp. House Bill 1230 aims to create a hemp production plan that gives the state primary regulatory authority over the production of hemp in Texas.

"This session, the Legislature has the opportunity to pass legislation that will create jobs in our rural and agricultural communities," Dominguez said. "Rural redevelopment is paving the way for Texas leadership--industrial, agricultural and natural."

Now that the federal government has legalized industrial hemp production on the national level, it is up to the state of Texas to lead the charge as an agriculture community in this blossoming industry.

"While the sale of hemp products is currently legal in Texas, it is now time for people to have Texas grown hemp," Dominguez added.

House Bill 1230 is Representative Dominguez's first filed bill of the 86th Legislative Session.


Anonymous said...

I only hope that Alex will be enforce the city inspectors to ensure that they implement the windstorm code that has been overlooked by the building inspector under Charles Cabler

Bobby WC said...

Alex has no control over this. Funny thing is when you posted I was at McCoys looking at windstorm windows for the house. The state agency which gives the certifications is a nightmare and needs to be desolved and remade.

The candidates among other important issues are not talking about this, but the city needs to get serious. All of Brownsville mandates windstorm glass doors and windows and roofs. My roof and French doors are windstorm approved and I got a big insurance break. There should be no permits for any of this work unless the contract brings the proof the doors, windows, and roofs will meet windstorm certification.

The city has zero interest in this problem. The candidates do not even know it exists.

But great post. Maybe you can get a candidate to address the problem.

Here is the deal, even if you have windstorm insurance they will not pay if you had a roof, windows or doors installed not windstorm certified.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree completely but do you know how many fraudulent Certificates that have been issued by the planning department in Brownsville that stat States that the building meets windstorm conditions when they don't.
This was reported to Charlie Cable (I have the email) and he said that he would look into it.
I also the addresses of the homes.

BobbyWC said...

Only the state can certify windstorm based on the inspector or approved state engineer m59666

Anonymous said...

The engineer designed the fixings to meet the windstorm conditions but if the fixings are installed and the certificate issued by the building department is fraudulent.as with very the homes I have records of.

Anonymous said...

A certificate of completion of the windstorm Conditions covers the home owner when the home is being constructed,and the engineer is liable. If the builder don't install the fixings, and the inspector passed the home as windstorm certified that is fraud, and that is what Charlie Cable covered up on these homes,not the product,

Bobby WC said...

I'm not sure if I can verify what you are saying about Cabler, but there are engineers approving fraudulent windstorm certificates. So long as the homeowner has not knowledge the contractor or engineer lied to them then it will be on the engineer and contractor. Now the state told me once that all they do is look for the certificate filed with the state and do not actually verify the windows and doors were windstorm certified by state specs.

It is a problem.

The city permitting department needs to demand the contractors produce the actual certificate places on the window or door show it is state approved as windstorm certified.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby we are talking about different things here,it is not the product but the way the house homes were built.
The engineer specified the fixings to be used to meet windstorm codes,yet the builder never used the fixings and the inspector passed the building as if they had been used, when cabler was made aware of this he replied that he would look into the matter,yet nothing was done about it.
Now you have some 50 homes with engineer Certificates that were not built to code that Cabler knows about that has fraudulent Certificates defrauding the insurance company

BobbyWC said...

I get what you are saying. I am just speaking to the consequences. I cannot speak to what Cabler did or did not do.

But I know there are fly by night builders getting a pass on the rules.

What we really need are seminars which teach people how to choose builders, remodelers etc. When it comes to research who works on my home I have OCD. I really check everything. Also if they are not bonded, they do not even get to provide an estimate.

I have a friend who is a remodeler. He goes to Home Depot and picks up anyone looking for work. Once he left them in an office. They claimed to have dry wall experience. he came back and they installed it backwards.

People are part of the problem through a lack of education. They go for price not quality of work. I know someone who refused to pay the middle price to redo their pool. Two weeks later the plaster fell down and the pool is worthless again. The man has no money so he has no options.

Clear pool will do my pool as soon as I finish working out the money. This is why I am trying to settle several matters low.

I am using an old mediation technique. I looked at how much I need now to make a difference versus the true value. I am walking away from he true value to get things done.

I'm done and in less than a year I will no longer be working and hope I will still be able to blog.

I have little hope of the cerebral pressure being resolved. It seems my body is naturally producing more and more cerebral fluid they more they drain. Until they can stop the massive production of the cerebral fluid all of the drainage is worthless.

I just need my pool, windows and fence and I am done. I already have contractors ready to go after extensive research.

We really need to teach people in Brownsville how to buy homes. I would never recommend anyone buy an older home in the country club area. It is a disaster. the city turned a blind eye to so many violations.

A lot of people in Rio Viejo used Mexican companies and now their houses are a disaster. You cannot fix a slap which has completely failed. You can fix you sheet rock all you want butit will keep on cracking and so too will the tile.

I help people buy homes. there is a pending class action would could end realtors. 50% of all homes of For Sale Buy owner. People need to learn what to look for - like utiliy bills, how to research county records for windstorm cerification and how to learn an area before they decide a good price for a home.

They need to learn to work with the bank appraiser. The bank will not approve a bad loan. But the bank needs to know just how much work the house needs because appraisers do not look at those things. My house on all key areas except the windows is completely energy efficience and remodelled. My electric is never over $50.00. I know people in trailers who pay over $200 a month for electricity.

Education is the issue to overcome the lack of help from the city. Get educated and you can avoid a realtor and save money. The 6% commission is dead which is why 50% of all buyers avoid realtors.

Thanks so much for helping to bring this issue to light.

Send me any supporting emails at bobbywc58.com - I am getting real good at ADobe reader and can redact anything which exposes you.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your time,i will keep all my records in case a disaster does happen, and I can be of help to some one.
Wish me luck I have just bought a house in the BCC,