Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Next up is the COB elections.  You cannot talk GMS without talking about the run-off elections.

This morning GMS counsel filed a brief which explains why Jessica Tetreau Kalifa and Cesar de Leon are not protected by Legislative Immunity.  Assuming the depositions go forward today, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to do business with Jessica or Cesar.  Cesar either has to admit all of his words on the tape are lies, or he in fact did what he did.

There has been some confusion, by the BV, that Redfish and Republic waste are the same.  I have googled this a lot and can find no evidence of same.  But in Redfish's letters to the COB they seem to be making the same complaints as GMS, which would should a pattern and practice.

I do not see how at this point with Art and Jessica Kalifa due to profit from a contract with Republic how the COB can ever give Republic the contract.  If it comes out Republic directly lobbied Jessica, they could find themselves in the lawsuit unless they agree in writing to not take action if GMS gets the final contract.

So now we sit and wait for the hearing on the 30th and see what happens.  Although not published, if necessary GMS is going to read into the record parts of the Executive Session minutes.  They are going to read into the record key parts of the Jessica and Cesar depositions.  They may actually just play a tape of their testimony.


They are going to have to clean up this mess.  Someone, not me, is going to go through the campaign finance reports to look for conflicts.  After his mess any candidate who took money from GMS or anyone tied to GMS would have to abstain from a final vote.  Same goes for Republic. As to Republic a vote by Joel Munguia or Rick Longoria will be deemed suspect.  But then Nurith Galonsky may be the vote and not Rick Longoria.

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