Thursday, May 2, 2019


The steroids are doing nothing for the cranial inflammation.  I have two days of the regiment left.  I just took today's three pills, tomorrow is 2 and the the last day is 1.  Something is up, although I have said nothing to my VA doctor because I do not want the VA involved in the specialist's business, they are now sending me for testing as to why my digestive system is such a mess.  Nothing is working.  The drainage tube goes into my abdomen and everything is  turned upside down.  None of what is happening to me is unheard of.  The tube can become twisted and cause blockage and infection.  A lot of things can go wrong the first couple of weeks.


It's the 11th hour guys and you, not me or anyone else need to decide how Brownsville moves forward best.

I am looking for balance.  Trey is the only mayoral candidate not tied to the Hernandez or Galonsky machine.  The fourth vote has to be independent.  Trey will do an A+ job on downtown and small business development with equal opportunity for everyone - no special favors.  That downtown tax money will then be available for other projects in Brownsville.

For at Large Ismael Hinojosa was closest to the people and the real deal not looking to make money with conflicts of interests.  He was an easy choice for me.  In this election the candidates across the board seemed to have very little understanding of the cause of the problems  the people face.  This was the part of the election which frustrated me the most.  I really believe Ismael will do the best job at looking at these problems and finding real solutions and not just promises.  Same for Pat.

Pat Ahumada for District 2 where I live was an easy choice.  Those angry with him over taking Galonsky's money, I get it and respect your anger.  But you have to pick your poison.  Pat is a great policy wonk and will be able to help Trey on some of the bigger policy issues.  Will they be a team?  No.  But if Pat presents the issue and how to address it properly Trey will be all ears.  Trey will be open to Pat's knowledge of grants and bringing entities together.  This does not mean they will always agree on policy

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