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No matter what Cabler says, no insurance company pays out $20,000, unless they see a basis for same.

Posted: Thursday, September 4, 2008 12:00 am

City Manager Charlie Cabler allegedly struck two persons with his vehicle on city property in November, but he disputes that an accident occurred.
"It was not certain to me that anything had happened that night," Cabler recently said.

San Juana Reyna, 46, said Cabler struck her and his nephew at Chachalaca Park and that she has more than $80,000 in medical bills to show for it.
"Se tapan todos (they cover-up for each other)," Reyna said.
Cabler said that he referred her to his insurance company in case an accident occurred.
No one called for an ambulance or police that night.
Cabler's insurance paid $20,000. Reyna took it in July, saying that the medical bills left her no choice.
The accident occurred minutes into Nov. 18 after a Cabler-family wedding as Reyna, a waitress, and Cabler's nephew looked on the ground for a lost key to the park's shed.
Reyna said Cabler got in his vehicle that illuminated the search area and placed it in drive instead of reverse, striking them.
She said Cabler also struck a trailer and that he told the driver not to call police. Reyna said Cabler put his nephew in his car, said he was sorry, to seek medical attention if she needed to and to tell her boss. She said that Cabler drove his nephew away.
Cabler, a former police officer, said he didn't report the accident because he doesn't feel there was an accident.
"I wasn't exactly sure if she was claiming to have gotten injured. I know she got scared. I just told her to let me know later. My wife did most of the talking with her, but (it was) something like that," Cabler said.
"The car went forward a little bit. It didn't seem like anybody was hurt or anything like that." He refuted that he drove his nephew away.
Cabler did not remember telling anyone not to call police. "If there was a trailer there, well, the trailer hit tire to tire, but there was no damage," he said.
Cabler said he doesn't feel he was intoxicated as Reyna maintains.
Reyna said she didn't report the accident immediately because she could have been fired. She said a third party paid about $300 of her medical bills and told her not to mention Cabler's name to anyone.
She filed a police report Nov. 27.
A sergeant arrived as a police officer was taking Reyna's report.
The sergeant told her, "that Cabler advised that he has been waiting for her to contact him so that he could make arrangements to pay for the medical bills," the police report states.
Reyna said the officers told her to go to City Hall at 10 a.m. She said Cabler offered her $5,000. She declined.
His said he told Reyna to file a police report so that his insurance company would be able to help her.
"I'm just hoping that she's okay. I'm sorry she had to go through any issues," Cabler said.

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