Thursday, May 16, 2019


Duardo is back on his roller coaster of non-sense and false stories and facts. Today because I made the story about the public figures, Michael Rodriguez and Nurith Galonsky, Duardo had a complete meltdown.

I actually confer with the rules of the Society of Professional Journalists - Duardo might give them a look. The journalist is not to invoke themselves in the story. Period

"SPJ President Kevin Smith said. “Advocacy, self promotion, offering favors for news and interviews, injecting oneself into the story or creating news events for coverage is not objective reporting, and it ultimately calls into question the ability of a journalist to be independent, which can damage credibility."

If you believe Duardo's delusions the BV the longest running blog by name which was created long before anyone every heard of Duardo, through clairvoyance all my stories have been stolen from him.  

It is sad because during the election at the end he started to do some real reporting, but the second round one was over he started his childish attacks on Trey Mendez, supported by no evidence while ignoring all of his verifiable accomplishments.  In fact early in the election he refused to correct his bogus story Trey and Martinez were friendly.  The blogs including the BV immediately posted the facts lost on Duardo to show he lied.  

When he speaks of the Tecero matter as a way to attack Trey he never states Texas law never gave her permission to sue in federal court.  The BV has reported on this.  But then the facts do not allow him to use the Tecero matter to attack Trey. So he just leaves out the facts.

This election is dirty.  I have made clear I prefer primary sources.  So I relied on the words of Michael Rodriguez and Nurith Galonsky.  To impose Duardo into the story would have distracted from the story - something the Society of Professional Journalists disfavors.

No one sources more than the BV.  When I quote entire sections of stories I put a click for the full story.  I never mention the reporter unless it is important to the story.

Every news entity on the planet does the same thing.  The reporter is not made part of the story unless the reporter is an essential part of the story. Duardo was not an essential part of the story.  The story was the back and forth between Michael and Nurith.

But Duardo having missed the bigger story printed by the BV goes on a melt down.


No one has access like the BV.  I do not post FB conversations because people then tend to not trust you.  I will keep them for proof and records. But I still get the story.  I protect my sources with a Chinese Wall unless they cross me or intentionally lie.

People need to know you are not going to manipulate a conversation to create news versus following the news which is what a real reporter does.  But not Duardo.  He really needs to study the rules.

Buy Duardo's ego was hurt for missing the story and then not being made part of the story so he goes on a childish attack.  It is sad because for a few weeks he seemed to have grown up and started some important reporting.  Well the meltdown child is back so he will again endlessly post attacks promising to never speak of me ever again and then 5 minutes later post another attack.


 Many elected officials may not like my work, but they do come to me because if they tell me the truth they know I will print it.  Only the BV is giving all Primary Candidates free announcements.  Everyone gets access to he BV  if there is a truth to be told.

Have at it Duardo - you cannot defeat the longest blog by name which has broken endless stories all the bloggers build on.  I do not complaint when my name is not mentioned because what I care about is the story being built on.  That is what journalists do.

And for the record there is a reason news services are dropping journalists in favor of trained lawyers.  We get evidence and analysis.  Journalists get typing.

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