Wednesday, April 17, 2019


"Let's kill all the lawyers" is a line from William Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2. The full quote is "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers".[1] It is among Shakespeare's most famous lines,[2] as well as one of his most controversial,[3] and has been used as the title of movies[4] and books.[5] Shakespeare may be making a joke when character "Dick The Butcher" suggests one of the ways the band of pretenders to the throne can improve the country is to kill all the lawyers. Dick is a rough character, a killer as evil as his name implies,[1] like the other henchmen, and this is his rough solution to his perceived societal problem.[6] There is some disagreement with the interpretation that one of Shakespeare's sympathetic characters would make a joke suggesting that killing lawyers would make the world better.[7]

All literature and music is contemporary to the times.  "Black Lives Matter: whether you like it or not believes police far too often get off for murdering innocent black people.

For fear of prosecution I am not going to repeat the words of the rapper which landed him in jail and the Supreme Court effectively up held the conviction by refusing to hear the case.

I read and listen for substance.  Isolated words or phrases mean nothing.

I will admit the offending words were scary.  I will admit I fully understand why people believe they went over the top.

But the reasoning for not hearing the case offends me more than the horrible attack on the police in the song.

"One of the lyrics says "Let's kill these cops cuz they don't do us no good."

The lyrics were directed at  two officers who were to be witnesses.  

My problem is, if you are a defendent and speak out for what has been a national justice issue by naming two officers you believe are part of the problem, even if you are wrong, you can go to jail.

So now what we have is, you can go to jail if you speak out against specific officers who may be guilty of wrongdoing if your speech leaves them in fear for their lives.

I get it.  But what if the officers are guilty of wrongdoing, I am not speaking directly to this case, then how do you speak out against their conduct without chancing jail?

Yes, I think Shakespeare would be arrested in the current atmosphere against dissent, even when the person is wrong in their views.

I am not making light of the lyrics.  They offend for sure.  My concern is the balancing act.  The scales now weigh in favor against dissent, and that should concern everyone.

The other day I could have approached he officer illegally parked blocking my driveway, but I had no idea how he would respond.  The fact I believe the super majority of all law enforcement take their job seriously and work hard to protect us, does not mean this officer would have been one of them.

This BLUE LINE nonsense is why so many of us are afraid of the police, even the exceptionally honest ones putting their life on the line to protect us every day.


Anonymous said...

It was because lawyers defend the rule of law, so, get rid of them and you have tyranny. Just saying

Bobby WC said...

If only this were true. Do you believe the over 8000 people claiming to the Supreme Court they were denied justice and the Supreme COurt will only accept about 80 cases is because lawyers are defending the rule of law.

Answer an honest question. What do you think of a federal judge who issues an order he can on his won motion act as the lawyer for one of the parties?

And let me tell you without a good $200,000 in attorneys fees and the Supreme Court agreeing to hear the case, this will not because the law, Judges declaring on their own they can act as the lawyer for a corporation who has failed to appear in the case.

Think about that.

But in the good old days you are right. Those days are gone because we have no real honest judges.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Should read this "will now become the law."

bobby wc

Patrick Alcatraz said...

Caught up with Trey's doings. 20,000 pizzas sold...Reminds me of the days when McDonald's would post the "More than 2 million Sold" stuff on their marquees. Looks like Trey's built himself a successful biz...

BobbyWC said...

Actually it is owned by three partners. There are more good restaurants coming. And for those complaining about the price, it is cheaper than Golden Corral or a Chinese buffet when you order a drink. The price only goes higher when you include the wine. Otherwise a pizza and a compbo platter with tea for two is the same as the Golden Corral or Chinese buffet. Plus downtown around Market Square is nice at night.

Dante is the cook menu guy. He actually has a following which followed him from another establishment. Im sorry but I forget the third partners name. But each play an important part in making it work.

Bobbt WC

Trey and other partners have remodelled several old buildings including one of the old jails and numerous homes.

The Brownsville Beacon said...

The Supreme Court doesn't send people to jail. They're usually already in jail when their court case makes it all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court merely decides the Constitutionality of the case that's put in front of them.

The Supreme Court wouldn't send Shakespeare to jail. They would hear the case as a First Amendment case once it had gone through the lower courts.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the comment and your are correct, sort of. In many cases people are out on bail or have had the verdict reversed to only be reinstated by the Supreme Court. The case of Judge Lanier is a great example. The court of appeals ruled that there is no way Judge Lanier could have known raping women violated their civil rights because no court had ever made such a finding as to a state actor. He was free as a bird. The Supreme Court in a rare 9 zip decision said that which is obvious is obvious. His conviction was reinstated and Judge Lanier was caught at the bridge crossing into Mexico. But generally people are already sitting in jail.As to Shakespeare like any other case when the Supreme Court fails to act after review their decision to not reverse a conviction is the same as issuing the conviction.

In these times do not be so comfortable about speech. It is curtailed and advocates all over the US are starting to refrain from speech.

In guardianship cases more and more people are being held in contempt and going to jail for going to the press about the abuses. I belong to a new organization which is doing great work. But a lot of money is being raised to get people out of jail for speaking out against the corruption.

Bobby WC