Saturday, April 6, 2019


There I am dead center in what was the original Bad News Bears.  I do not care, we had a lot of fun.  I remember vividly mom taking me to Salsbury Park, handing me a new mitt and telling me I was going to play in Little League.  The coach was the father of my friend Timmy who went to my mom and asked if he could help her by getting me into sports.  I still speak with Timmy and his lovely wife.  BTW I sill have the mitt and keep it properly oiled.

It was a good time back then.  Newsday was a liberal paper and the Press was a conservative paper.  The friend's mother was not to read Newsday.  Yes my friends back in the 60's that is how it worked.  When I rode by her house she would come out and ask if she could read mom's copy of Newsday and I could get it back at the end of my route.  I would give her extra time and run over there before mom or coach got home from work.

Times were so different and simple.  My friend Karen Kimberly fought tooth and nail to be the first papergirl for Newsday.  I remain proud of her until this day.

Summer sports leave you with healthy and good memories for life.  Find a league to adopt or donate to.  I already have the team I am going to help.  I would prefer it be baseball, but it is kickball.


Back in the 60's and 70's moms threw you out the door in the morning to go play and you were told to be back for dinner.  Good times.  Well one thing we did without her knowing, and I am telling you at age 11-14, we would walk to the train station and take the train to Woodside before changing to the subway for Shea Stadium to watch the Mets.  Win or lose I remain a strong Mets fan.

We would hide the in train bathrooms because we had no money for the train.  Shea Stadium for general admission to sit all the way on top was $1.30.  With the pennies we earned we always had enough for the admission ticket and a hot dog and soda.  Sometimes we could feel the wheels of the jets landing at LaGuardia we were so high up.

Another side note about sports and family is 69'.  Mom knew nothing about sports, but she knew the about the miracle of  the 69' Mets.  I will never forget one Sunday after church we did not go to the bakery for fresh rolls because we would have been late for the game on TV.  The 69' Mets were electrifying.


The kids will never forget the great memories.

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