Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Carlos Guerrero Michael it is really sad to see this. But we can’t wait around for our city officials to get off there ass and do something about this. Can I get with you this week and lookin into getting new nets and see if we are allowed to get a local company to look into fixing this water fountains? Please advice


Just got word, the basket ball nets are on their way.  See how simple that was. And I do not want your vote. 

Why was it so simple for me?  I am proud of the days we got the best cheese from the government.

I will never forget my roots. This is why I am so engaged at all levels of government and the people.  I can go from replacing the 4" sewer line at a friend's house, to the NY Opera or Ballet and feel in place at both.  I can walk into an Embassy event in another country, and then go out and help a family to harvest their yuca.

I live in the world of the Macrocosm and reject the microcosm.  I am not smart, I'm just not lazy or an opportunist.


You know how you fix the problem Carlos and Michael?  You take the time to be engaged and acquire actual knowledge instead of wining endlessly.You begin by calling 956-546-help.  It is that simple.  And for the record, it is now reported and at the highest levels of Brownsville Parks Services.

I hate this bullshit opportunism by candidates to get votes.

What they should be doing instead of name calling against the low level workers is calling out HR, and handing out push cards with the help line number on it.

I know for a fact you must be connected to a very high up or city a commissioner to get a job in parks services.  HR consistently turns away highly qualified people because they do not know the right people, and then the wrong people are hired for the low level parks jobs.  Mind you there are a lot of excellent low level parks employees, but far too many who cannot be touched so they do not do their job by reporting such problems.

So Carlos how about learning something about Brownsville and go after HR.

I am about to report for a third time the potholes on Cowan Terrace West and Boca Chica.  Oh, public works will come fast and use the same old technology which will have the pothole reappear in a few months.  Why?  Because opportunists like Carlos and Michael see these problems as vote getters instead of why do we have a non-engineer as the Director of Public Works.  A  Charlie Cabler hire who then turned a blind eye to Cabler using public works employees on city time to work on his Mustang.

Nurith Galonsky was shocked to learn the COB has a help line.  They have never failed me.  The problem is all they can do it report such matters to Public Works who has no one on staff who knows shit about modern techniques and technology.

That is the issue guys.  How about addressing the lack of competency at the top in Public Works?

How about addressing the fact HR turns away qualified candidates when a city commissioner, or department director demands a job go to one of their compadres.


Carlos and Michael know shit, except how to dupe people into voting for them.  These parks are old.  Many of the waterlines are broken and dangerous for purposes of drinking water.  I go to kick-ball games at Morningside and families always have plenty of water and juice boxes.

If anything I would remove all public water fountains in public parks.  People change diapers and then rinse their hands in these fountains.  In today's world public fountains in open parks are a health hazard and should be removed, and not repaired with the limited funds available to the city.

And do tell my readers and I Carlos and Michael, who has jurisdiction over the water fountains? The Parks Department, the BPUB, and who is going to pay for redoing all of the lines to bring them current and safe.?

Just opportunistic vote getters is all I can say about Carlos and Michael.  Do something meaningful and of substance and pass out push cards with the city help line and see how much more can be  done for the people once the city is notified of the problem.

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