Monday, April 15, 2019


My view is you cannot endlessly claim Galonsky cheated the COB on Casa del Nylon and then take Galonsky's money.   By chance I ran into Pat at Walmart.  He was gracious in saying hello and asking how I was doing.

So I took the oppotunity to ask him why he took Galonsky's money.

You can take what you will from his response.  But he has my vote back.

The issue people have with Pat is will he be the same divisive Pat of the past?  Well his answer told me no, and that impressed me.

His view is  the Galonskies are going to have a strong voice on the city commission, but maybe not a majority voice.  He sees himself as a watch dog.  His view is, it does not matter who brings the idea to the table.  If it is good for Brownsville he will back it.

Well that is not the old divisive Pat.  It is a new and refreshing Pat.

I personally do not believe the Galonskies will ever bring anything to the table which is fair, so I am not worried about Pat selling out.


Anonymous said...

Youre right
Pat is pat but he wont sell out

Anonymous said...

Politicians will tell you what you want to hear... especially someone as vocal as you are Bobby - your opinions and thoughts are publicly know, so that when you run into them, they will immediately know what you want to hear, and that's what you'll hear.