Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Almost without fail the same troll will accuse me of the same lie. I have done an extensive search of the BV and find no evidence I ever said such a thing. The BV from day one has promoted Brownsville.  While other bloggers trashed Southmost the BV always called it the heart of Brownsville culture and the people of Brownsville.  I think I lived in Southmost for 5 years and loved every second of it.  Now I live on the border between Districts 1 and 2, and remain loyal to Southmost for small business support.  I love Morningside Park. My father, older sisters and brother lived in Southmost on the land between Morningside and Waco, bordering the resaca. it was several acres.

My point, the idea I have disparaged these people or the people as a whole in Brownsville is a lie.  Yes I have been hard on bad public servants.  Yes I have been hard on the by-stander citizen who refuse to participate and then complain.

But it is the border area and the people of Brownsville which keeps me here.

But the obsessive troll will keep on posting  otherwise to never see his comments approved.  

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