Friday, April 19, 2019


There are many examples where it is in fact necessary to provide for public assistance, for example.  But we have gotten to the point of picking up a phone to help ourselves is beyond our skill set, unless it is to text someone something of no real importance.  I truly hate my phone.  I have a new rule.  If you call me and then say, "I have to take this other call," I will not take your call when you call back. I'm sorry not every call is so important that you have to hang up on someone you just called.

City of Brownsville's Citizen Support Center <>
April 17 at 4:46 p.m.
Apr 17 at 4:46 PM
Thank you, ROBERT WIGHTMAN. Your Pothole Patching has been submitted. If you should have any questions feel free to contact the City of Brownsville Call Center at 956-546-HELP (4357).

I got the above email from the city moments after I called the help line to fix some potholes at the entrance of Boca Chica and Cowan Terrace West.

Yesterday on the 18th Public Works came out to work on the problem.  They get an "F" but the help line does help.

Here you can see the shoddy repair. In three months I will call again as the rain, cars and school buses destroy the entrance to Cowan Terrace even more.  A side not - Jessica Tetreau's mother uses this entrance and exist from our neighborhood and Jessica has never called to fix this problem.  This is why the people in our neighborhood do not like her.  We know the truth.

The stink people made because I suggested they pick up the phone and call the help line to get new basketball nets at Morningside blew me away.  We are at that point it is easier for people to post nasty posts to the BV than pick up the phone and call the help line.

Not all people but far too many have this mentality "yea, someone should call, or someone should file a complaint."  They have time to text and play games on their phone but cannot call the help line.


If the people are unwilling to be engaged in fixing their own problems, why should we expect elected officials to be engaged with the people?  It is just easier to post a complaint on FB and make it appear you are some big some body who will handle it, when in fact a child can call in the issue.

If candidates cannot even educate the voter about the benefits of the help line how are they going to help the people if elected.


This repair I just had done on a simple help line call, will need to be redone in three months?  Why?  Because when the guy at the top of Public Works, a Charlie Cabler crony, is not an engineer all the way down the chain of command the quality of knowledge will diminish.  This work is unacceptable. 

And where are all of the candidates on dealing with the lack of competency in all of these Director jobs, dead silent.  So please stop telling me you are going to fix things when you will not even acknowledge the problem causing these other problems exists.


BobbyWC said...

I have repeatedly stated the name of the Director of Public works and his ties to Cabler. Your game playing does not fly at the BV

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I am not going to allow for posts which speculate on future contracts by someone who is not even mayor.

Also the only good thing coming out of this election is small businesses will find it easier to do busines in Brownsville and downtown will begin to prosper even more. The bread and butter issues impacting the people are not on the table other than as FB students. The lack of knowledge of how the city actually works by the candidates is remarkable. Pat is clearly the most knowledgeable at a Macro level, but most of the other candidates are clueless or are micro focused.

Bobby WC