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UPDATE:  I am getting texts that people are disgusted with what Jessica did to these people.  Help get Pat into the run-offs and then victory by copying the following and posting it to your FB page and ask all your friends and family to do the same.  This should be a lead story on all three news stations.  The statements were captured from Jessica's FB so she cannot deny them.  If we do not stand up for the disabled who will.  Demand the news stations take the story.

Also the following is from my blog.  Top left you can search guardian and find it.  What Jessica did could have cost the city millions.  The former police chief should have gone to jail for giving her the pictures.  Guardianship homes are run by the courts and the guardians are appointed to manage all funds and the person.  They do an annual accounting to the court.  The first two parts are Jessica admitting to her abusing these people, and then a neighbor verifying the police found not basis to Jessica's claims.  Pat needs to get this out there.  You see Jessica only wants her fake material world as neighbors and not the disabled.

Jessica Tetreau- Kalifa from Cowan Terrace4 May

That's really sad. These people relinquish all social security and food stamps to live thereI have photos of 4-5 beds in one room aloneThe residents were not aware they were sharing a room with a sex offender.

The couple that runs it started blaming the home in front of them for all of their problems but the city assured them it was a multitude of people who have a problem with this happening."

Jessica has an incredible penchant for ignorance.  Mentally ill people assigned a guardian are typically given a guardian who controls all of their benefits and money.  The guardian must file an accounting with the probate court every year.  Jessica whines like a baby about how Montoya just makes things up, but she does the same to make her point and push her lies and deception.

The above is a civil rights violation.  i am asking for both federal and state criminal and civil violations investigations against Jessica and the police chief.  Mentally ill people have rights and the city and Jessica clearly violated their rights by giving Jessica the pictures of inside the home.

For the record I went to go see the home today - the front is spotless and beautifully maintained. Jessica's front yard looked like a garbage dump with the very large Trevino sign just thrown down on her lawn and Art washing his own truck.  I guess Art does not trust his car wash workers to wash his truck.  To get to the house on E Cowan I had no choice but to pass Jessica's home.  I am not posting the pictures because i consider them a security issue for both Jessica and her family and the mentally ill residents.

Jessica is not happy that someone challenged her claims and continues with the social media lynching of these mentally ill residents who live around the block from her.  

Jessica Tetreau- Kalifa from Cowan Terrace6 May

The city is working quickly to shut the home down and this point the state is also involved.

From the neighbor:

"I hope so! The officers said they were in compliance, but I'm sure they don't know the whole story. Thanks Jessica!."  

 I spoke with the person claiming the police have said there are no legal violations, and she was very irritated that I communicated with her.  Well sorry lady, just be happy I am not publishing your name. Well changed my mind - see below.  I will take mentally ill neighbors any day over fake Christians and Catholics who attack mentally ill people based on no information and seek to chase them from our community.  You and Jessica need to move lady, and we will keep the mentally ill neighbors.

Jessica is a phony Catholic who has attacked the church when she does not get her way and is now attacking the mentally ill because she does not like them.  There is nothing, and I mean nothing Catholic about Jessica Tetreau Kalifa.  She knows nothing about the pain of a parent caring for a mentally ill child who because of their mental illness have improperly touched a child.  It is not okay, but people who have faith have compassion and try and work with these families instead of attacking them.

I for one want to welcome these mentally ill people to our community and find out how I can help them.  I will begin on Monday by asking for an investigation against the city for harassment for turning over the photos of their private rooms to Jessica.

From one of the mob squad "
Jan Saldivar from Cowan Terrace4 May

How do we give THEM problems? Because we look out for our neighborhood? PLEASE..."

You are giving them problems by making accusations based on no information or how guardianships work simply because they are mentally ill.  They have every right to live there.  If you do not want mentally ill neighbors move to a Nazi Germany country where they just gas them and then throw them in ovens.  They have rights.  And you madam [and I use the term loosely] have no right to deny mentally ill people the right to live where they choose..

You yourself said the police  told you everything was legal, so why do your persist you narrow minded bigot?  Okay so I gave out your name - people need to know the type bigots in our mist.



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Sick... she HAS to go

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BobbyWC said...

If you have a problem with what Jessica posted on her own FB page take it up with her, not me. Can can you even read.

No distractions here.

The difference between me and Jessica is, when it angered me her block walkers were bothering me while I was working out side, I did say I was sorry for being angry and thanked them for pushing the vote. Jessica never would do that.

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