Monday, April 22, 2019


"It is a disgrace when people dump their garbage next to beautiful green spaces like Morningside Park. It is even worse for the residents who live next to these littered alleys and must deal with the trash because the City of Brownsville, TX - Municipal Government neglects their complaints and does not care about what is happening in our community. #TimeForChange"
Here is my solution Nurith, have your father donate the $2.3 million he got for Casa Del Nylon to pay for security cameras for our alleys.
The claim the city does not care is just an out right lie insulting city workers so low information voters will vote for her .  What proof do you have Nurith the city is neglecting the complaints?  If the city is giving away $2.3 million to your daddy where is the city to get the money to address this problem.  Unless you know where in the budget there is money to address the problem Nurith you are just blowing smoke out of ass.  I hate all politicians who demand problems be fixed when then know there is no money in the budget.  I care more about that old lady in the HEB who cannot afford the chicken than using city money for dirty alleys.  And yes Nurith I have paid for the groceries of little old ladies at the Southmost HEB.
As a resident I am only allowed to dump so many tires at the landfill for free every year.  My tires are recycled by Pep Boys.  But I use to take the tires dumped in my alley to the landfill to help the city.  I take care of my part of the alley.  I do take trash to the dumbs.  There is no money in the budget and I do not expect the city to do everything especially when I can do it for free.
Plus not all of our trash is accepted at the city landfill without a fee.  I am about to take down my fence and build a new one.  It will be taken on my roommate's flatbed trailer and I will pay the city for the weight of the wood.  Now I can afford to do that.  Especially since I am doing the fence myself.  This will be about June.  I'm still recovering.
But the people in Southmost cannot afford to pay these fees.  How does Nurith intend to fix that?
If you allow unlimited tire dumping people who run shops out of their driveway will take advantage of it.
In the summer two friends and I will blow out my bathroom and closet by 7 feet to make them bigger.  I really want a spa tub in my bathroom with the extra large shower I currently have which will include a steam room.  We can get the work done with all the proper permits.  I will pay a draftsman for the proper plans. Now I have the money to pay to dump the trash with the city, but I can assure you the people of Southmost when they do self remodelling of their homes do not.  
Instead of blaming the city and its workers for the garbage how about Abraham Galonsky spend $2.3 million for security cameras in the alleys.  
How about changing the rules to allow for self home remodelers to dumb the trash for free with the city. 
There is no solution for tires.  There is no way of me proving I am just trying to help the city when I try and bring illegally dumped tires.  So now I leave them in the alley since I did not dump them and refuse to pay the city to bring the illegally dumped tires to the landfill.
Cheap shots at the city and its workers to get low information voters to vote for you shows desperation while offering no help to those low information voters.  Shame on you Nurith.


The Brownsville Beacon said...

What proof does she have the city is neglecting the complaints? Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact that these tires, among other illegally dumped trash, stays in these alleys for months at a time. How much more proof do you want? The alley behind my house has tires and building material that has been there for months. If the city cared, they'd send people out to clean up the alleys. Obviously they don't care.

The public works department is run by some of the most apathetic administrators the city has. Trash in the alley isn't the only problem. Code enforcement also allows vacant lots and other properties to have grass and weeds overgrown without doing anything about it. Or is it OK to let these lots be overgrown with weeds and tall grass because people might not be able to afford a lawn mower?

And are you really suggesting the reason there are tires in the alley is because people can't afford to dispose of them properly? Is that really justification to litter? Is that justification to break the law? There are illegal dumping signs posted in a lot of alleys all over town.

That makes no sense whatsoever.

BobbyWC said...

I basically agree with you. But trash is not proof it is being neglecyrd. For the record when I asked Nurith about dealing with the failing of Santana Torres in public works she said she was not going to get involved. That is not how you fix the problem. Once a month they pickbup brush in my alley. Then every other month they pick up the illegal dumping. Pretending the people or southmost who struggle to keep their homes repairs can afford the dumping fees will not fix it. The city needs to allow homeowners who do their own remodelling to dump for free. Problem solved.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Rick and Galonsky need to go away first Rick had 16yrs on commission and did nothing just paved some streets many yrs back didn't do enough about the higher utility rates "tenaska"his constituents are paying.Galonsky is a just puppet for daddy and Mayor Martinez i guess her education taught her that.

The Brownsville Beacon said...

Oh, trust me, I am NOT in Galonsky's corner at all. I am not defending her actions. I believe she is absolutely trying to put on a woman-of-the-people routine in order to get elected. I never understood why she didn't run for an at large seat rather than the District 1 seat. She has about as much in common with the people of District 1 as I do with the British royal family.

That aside, I firmly believe alley maintenance, among other things, is being neglected. I'm not saying the entire city is being neglected. I am simply going by what I see. A lot of the public works things are being neglected. Parks are being neglected. Look what you posted the other day about the fountains and the nets. Again, I'm not going to get into the politics of it; there's no point to do that. But, there really is no reason why these parks should be in such a state. There's a park on East St. Charles street that looked beautiful when it was opened years ago. Now, it looks terrible. This is what happens when the parks and the greens division don't do their job. The rubble in my alley has to have been there for at least six months, maybe more. This is rampant neglect, plain and simple.

The truth is politicians have not been held accountable for the city being in the shape it is in. Part of this is having a mayor and commissioners who do not draw a salary for serving as city government officials. All we get is politicians who are interested in their pet projects like bicycle lanes and politicians who don't really want to do anything to help Brownsville.

This is why weeds grow taller than I am and why trash goes months without being picked up.